Lexus of Calgary Engages Active Shoppers with Dynamic Facebook Ads

The Challenge

Lead conversion doesn’t happen overnight.

In fact, it sometimes takes months for a qualified lead to make their decision. Within this span of time, a person can make hundreds of digital touchpoints while they research and consider all their options.

For this reason, Lexus of Calgary, a Canadian dealership that has several nearby competitors with similar products, wanted to find a way to retain the attention of its leads and gain more visits to its website. More visits, in turn, would provide more opportunities for the store to convert and qualify leads.

Additionally, the dealership wanted to get more return on investment (ROI) from its Facebook marketing, which accounts for the majority of the store’s digital ad spend.

The Solution

In order to retain the attention of active shoppers for Lexus of Calgary, 9 Clouds deployed supplemental dynamic retargeting ads on Facebook, which feature the exact vehicles a shopper has already browsed on the website.

The digital marketing team at 9 Clouds conceived, designed, and deployed Cumulus, a special software that integrates the dealership’s inventory with Facebook and matches Facebook users to the specific vehicles they have been browsing on the website.

These innovative ad campaigns target anyone who has viewed a vehicle detail page (VDP) within the last 14 days, with the goal of reengaging and nurturing a relationship with the shopper.

The effect of these ads is measured and qualified using a combination of data from Facebook, Google Analytics, and the dealership’s customer relationship management (CRM) system.

The Results

dynamic retargeting ads for auto dealersIn one month, our dynamic retargeting ads reached 522 Facebook users who had previously visited the dealership’s website.

These users clicked on the ads 331 times at a cost of $1.17 per click. The 6.39% click-through rate is more than three times the average of the dealership’s other, non-dynamic campaigns.

Additionally, at least five used vehicle sales and two new vehicle sales were attributed to the ads. These nine people purchased vehicles from the dealership after seeing and interacting with the dynamic retargeting ad — all within one month. The average Facebook spend per sale was just $53.85.

Want to Learn More? 

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