Automotive Inbound Marketing

Identify leads before they fill out a form with automotive digital marketing from 9 Clouds.

The Future of Automotive Marketing is Inbound

Inbound marketing takes the sleaze out of car sales. Instead of hounding people who may not even want to buy a car, attract customers with useful information. Then, reach out to those who are interested. It’s a simple idea that is a big change from the way marketing and sales are typically done. Maybe that’s why it has a better conversion, a lower cost per lead and most importantly, builds relationships with customers instead of scaring them away.

Inbound Marketing Visual
  1. Create and share useful information
  2. Stand out online so people can find you
  3. Turn visitors into customers
  4. Review and edit content

Inbound Marketing from 9 Clouds

9 Clouds provides inbound marketing for automotive dealers. As our case studies show, it works. We start by identifying what marketing isn’t working for your dealership. By looking at the data, we typically save our clients more than they invest in 9 Clouds. Then we work with our clients to implement a comprehensive, personalized digital marketing strategy. 9 Clouds integrates with the software and vendors you already use and coordinates everything for your store. That means less time managing vendors and more time selling cars. We don’t just do something online because everyone else is doing it or because that’s what we do for every other client. We do what the data shows will work for you. If it isn’t converting, we adjust our strategy. This nimble approach is what works best in the fast-changing digital world. See what it could do for your business. Just enter your current traffic, leads and sales:




Need help getting started? Our free digital audit helps you stand out above competitors and connect with leads online.


What Do You Get with 9 Clouds Inbound Marketing

We excel at attracting visitors and identifying who is the best lead. We then send those leads to your sales team. To attract the leads, we provide comprehensive digital marketing. That includes: blogs, landing pages, email marketing, social media, and ads on search engines and social media. Once the leads are on the site, we provide lead tracking and sync with your CRM so the warm leads are at the top of your sales rep’s call list. Our lead tracking tells you what pages they have been looking at and personalizing our marketing based on their interest. We also analyze everything online and communicate weekly with your store to create a strategy and share the analytics on what is working and what can be improved. In our packages we take care of everything including writing and provide:

Blogs, Landing Pages, SEO

Launch content based on target keywords and buyer personas relevant to your business to improve search engine optimization (SEO). Learn more about 9 Clouds content marketing.

Search Ads

Create and optimize ads on Facebook and Google to drive traffic and improve conversions. Learn more about 9 Clouds search ads.

Social Media Advertising

Attract leads and get reviews with personalized social media marketing. Learn more about 9 Clouds Facebook marketing services.

Email Marketing and Automation

Keep in touch with prospects and leads to help move them down the sales funnel. Learn more about 9 Clouds email marketing and automation.

Analytics and ROI Analysis

Discover what works so you focus your budget on marketing that helps you sell. Learn more about 9 Clouds analytics and ROI analysis.

Lead Tracking

Know what your web visitors are looking at so you know who is interested before they fill out a form. Learn more about 9 Clouds lead tracking services.

Strategy Calls

Use monthly meetings with 9 Clouds to create a dynamic strategy that synchronizes your traditional and digital marketing. Learn more about digital marketing strategy calls with 9 Clouds.



Weekly Campaigns Monthly Reporting & Recommendations For dealers with up to 10,000 contacts with emails in the CRM.


Daily Campaigns Bi-Weekly Reporting & Recommendations For dealers with up to 20,000 contacts with emails in the CRM.


Real-time Campaigns Weekly Reporting & Recommendations For dealers with up to 30,000 contacts with emails in the CRM.

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Integrating with the heart of your data.

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Growing and improving your reputation.


Learn more about 9 Clouds

We use in-house customer data to provide positive, well-timed customer engagement which improves the sales environment for our clients. Our three standard options are centered around weekly, daily or real-time campaigns – depending on what your dealership needs. Download our sales sheet today, and contact us if you have any questions. You can also watch this interview with our brofounder Scott Meyer and Auto Marketing News host Brian Pasch to learn more about inbound marketing and the automotive industry.

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