Internet Marketing

Comprehensive, data-based strategy


Learn what converts for you and get rid of what doesn't. We call it Smart Marketing.

Our Smart Marketing packages include:

  • Smart Content
  • Smart Ads
  • Smart Social Media
  • Smart Email Marketing
  • Smart Tracking
  • Smart Analytics

What is Smart Marketing?

Smart Marketing is all about using data to make marketing decisions not your gut.

We work with you to implement a comprehensive, personalized internet marketing strategy which includes online content, ads, social media, email marketing and most importantly, analytics and tracking. It is all about the results so if the data doesn’t show one of these techniques is delivering, we change it or get rid of it.

We don’t just do something online because everyone else is doing it. We do it because your data shows it converts for you. If it isn’t converting, don’t keep doing it. Create Smart Marketing.

What do you get with Smart Marketing?

Our client typically see a 200% return on their investment and improved visibility online. Over time, our optimization and content creation efforts build on themselves and create a steadily improving presence for your business online and in turn, fill your sales funnel.

With the ability to tie our efforts to your sales department, we can put actual dollar value to your online efforts.

In our packages we take care of everything including the writing and provide:


Smart Content

Launch content based on target keywords and buyer personas relevant to your business to improve search engine optimization (SEO).


Smart Ads

Create and optimize ads on channels where your targets are i.e. Google, LinkedIn, Facebook to drive traffic.


Smart Social Media

Set up and leverage channels to create awareness, build your target audience and promote your content.


Smart Email Marketing

Keep in touch with prospects and leads to help move them down the sales funnel.


Smart Analytics

Capture and analyze leads to fill your pipeline and make sales.


Smart Tracking

Collect data on everything to ensure you are doing what converts.



Starts at $3,000/month

Weekly Campaigns

Monthly Reporting & Recommendations


Starts at $5,000/month

Daily Campaigns

Bi-Weekly Reporting & Recommendations


Starts at $10,000/month

Real-time Campaigns

Weekly Reporting & Recommendations