Digital Marketing Services for Auto Dealers

Your dealership needs a personal, data-based approach to digital marketing.

Your customers are shopping for cars online. In fact, 19 of the 24 actions a car shopper takes on the path to purchase are digital.

But where do you begin with automotive digital marketing?

9 Clouds can help your dealership stand out online.

We’ll build a custom strategy for your store using the four core services we’ve perfected over the years. Together, these services create a foundation for long-term success.

Here’s how we’ll put them to work for your dealership.

The 9 Clouds digital marketing team for auto dealers

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your customers — and search engines like Google — are looking for fresh, educational content from your website.

Along with improving the SEO of your existing pages, 9 Clouds will create custom content, like blog posts and landing pages, to attract new customers to your site — and keep them there.


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Online Ads

Google is the “what” — showing ads to people who are actively searching for specific vehicles or information.

Facebook is the “who” — showing ads to people based on their previous buying or browsing behavior.

We’ll help you utilize these platforms to their full potential.


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Email Marketing

Email marketing still works — when it’s relevant to your readers.

Not only will 9 Clouds design beautiful emails for your store, we’ll also analyze the data to inform (and improve) your entire marketing strategy.

This personal, integrated approach to email marketing means you send less spam — and get more clicks.


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Lead Tracking

Most of your website visitors won’t fill out a form. So how can you know if they’re interested?

9 Clouds will use marketing automation software to identify who’s on your site and what pages they’re viewing.

We’ll combine our lead tracking info with your CRM data to create tailored content for those leads.


Learn How We Can Help

Since we work so closely with our clients, we work with only a handful of stores each year (and only one store per market).

Everything we do is custom. While we always work with a long-term mindset, we devise monthly strategies and communicate with clients on a weekly basis, so we can quickly turn around specific campaigns for your store.

Interested in learning more?

Get started by requesting your free digital marketing audit. We’ll give you recommendations on how you can improve your digital marketing, and we’ll let you know if we could help.