Therapist Increases Web Traffic 540% for a Niche Service

The Challenge

If your business offers a highly niche service, how do you promote it to only the people who actually want or need it?

That was an important concern for one of our healthcare clients, a therapist specializing in select services. The owner of the practice wanted to reach more people for a certain type of therapy, but she wanted to do it tactfully, and she didn’t want to alienate other potential clients.

The Solution

To help our therapy client increase awareness of this niche service, we started by optimizing her current service page. What had been a barebones page with minimal content was transformed into a thorough, well-formatted page featuring imagery with which this audience would identify. We also made technical improvements to the page, employing our best practices for search engine optimization (SEO).

Knowing that part of a good SEO strategy (and a good user experience) is to build smaller pieces of content that direct to a larger pillar page, we began drafting blog posts on topics related to this service. With the help of our client, we used her blog to answer common questions that these readers may have.

Once the service page had been edited and the blog content had been created, we sought to drive traffic to it — and not just any traffic, but qualified traffic. We wanted to attract only people who would likely be interested in this service. To do so, we looked to online advertising — specifically Facebook and Google Ads.

On Facebook, we targeted ads to people within the client’s geographical radius who had interests related to the type of therapy offered. We also created Custom Audiences of people who had viewed the service page and/or its related blog posts, and we retargeted those web visitors with ads encouraging them to learn more.

On Google, we added a special ad group to our current Google Ads campaigns to target people searching for this specific service. The ads linked to the new content we had created.

The Results

After just a few months of employing this content marketing strategy, 9 Clouds (and our therapy client) were very pleased with the results.

Views of the service page increased 540% from the year prior, when no marketing had been executed for this specific service.

During our first month of running a Facebook campaign for this service, that campaign generated our highest number of impressions for any Facebook campaign this client has run to this day. Over the next several months, our Facebook campaigns for this service continued to achieve excellent results:

  • Average click-through rate (CTR) of 4.00%
  • Average cost per click (CPC) of $0.20
  • 54% of all traffic to the service page came from these Facebook ads

Our Google Ads for this service also fared very well:

  • Average CTR of 8.00%
  • Average CPC of $3.97
  • Average pages per session of 6.17 (compared to 2.24 for the rest of the site)
  • Average bounce rate of 16.67% (compared to 60.18% for the rest of the site)

Most importantly, our client shared with us that her number of phone calls and appointments for this niche service has increased significantly — which, considering she is doing no other marketing for her business aside from our healthcare digital marketing services, she attributes solely to 9 Clouds’ work.

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