Geotargeted Banner Ads Boost Walk-Ins for Midwest Honda Dealer

For your dealership sales staff, nothing is better than helping an excited lead on your showroom floor.

Our team uses a variety of digital marketing tactics to help our clients experience more of those exciting, helpful, and successful moments.

At every dealership, time is short, and vendors are plenty. The revolving door of automotive advertising programs can exhaust even the most tech-savvy dealership marketing manager. How can you ensure that these programs live up to their promises?

Take, for example, the Costco Auto Program and the Sam’s Club Auto Buying Program.

Both of these contractual arrangements expose the dealer’s inventory to more people, promising “special savings” for their card-carrying members.

While we have seen Costco and Sam’s Club contribute leads to our dealers’ CRMs, there are always questions of quality and return on investment (ROI).

How many of those leads actually take a test drive? How much margin is worth sacrificing for those warehouse-sourced leads?

The Challenge

During COVID-19, auto dealers saw a huge reduction in the amount of foot traffic throughout 2020.

After months of seeing mediocre returns from a warehouse savings program, one of our Midwest auto clients began looking for other solutions to reach more people in their market.

The Solution

In coordination with 9 Clouds, the client built a “Better Than Warehouse Pricing” page on its website. This unique program spoke to the needs of the customer with four great messages:

  • Big savings up front
  • Prices available up front on the website
  • Faster and safer in-store visits
  • Accurate monthly payments shown right on the site

With this program in place, the team then turned to 9 Clouds to geotarget the message to the right people at the right time.

An example ad used in the campaign.

Using a special geofencing software, 9 Clouds targeted in-market automotive audiences who visited select warehouse stores in the dealer’s market. To maximize impressions, targeted users saw the display ads on popular websites and apps.

These geotargeted banner ads linked directly to the “Better Than Warehouse Pricing” landing page, so the traffic could be measured accurately in Google Analytics.

The Results

In three months, our geotargeting ad campaign resulted in 1,734 clicks.

By tagging the links with UTM codes, we were able to look at visitor behavior in the client’s Google Analytics data. Our ads brought 903 new visitors to the store’s website, where they could learn about the new pricing program.

9 Clouds services go beyond the click. Thanks to our geofencing software, we were able to confirm that 181 people in our audience visited the dealership in person.

Ready for Your Own Results?

If your dealership is looking to generate more leads from special programs, or if you’re looking to target a specific geography with digital ads, 9 Clouds is here to help!

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