Here Is Proof You Should Keep Marketing During COVID-19

Here Is Proof You Should Keep Marketing During COVID-19

We’re navigating new territory here.

As our country confronts the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), businesses like yours are desperately trying to figure out where to steer their ship next (let alone stay afloat).

But when you’re looking for items to pitch off the boat, don’t toss your digital marketing.

While marketing during the coronavirus may not be appropriate for every industry — and frankly, if you can’t afford it, you can’t afford it — digital marketing can be a critical piece of your business surviving COVID-19.

Let’s take a look at the facts:

We aren’t just talking about ads, either (though we did just write a whole post on reasons not to pause your online ads alone).

All digital marketing channels are relevant during the COVID-19 crisis.

Especially now, your audience craves a clear, cohesive message from your brand — from email to ads to your website and more.

Need more reasons to keep marketing during COVID-19? Check out how some of our own clients are seeing marketing success during this time of social distancing.

1. Midwest Dealerships See Above-Average Email Open Rates

Now more than ever, email is an excellent way to connect with your contacts — especially when you have important COVID-related information to share.

That was the case for the Menholt Auto Group, which has 10 storefronts throughout the Midwest. Like most businesses right now, the Menholt dealerships have changed some processes and hours of operation, and they needed to convey those updates to their customers.

Our team drafted and deployed an email campaign for each store, relaying the COVID-19 info and a message of care for the community.

On average, these emails enjoyed open rates that were well above average for these clients when comparing their previous email sends in 2020.

For one storefront, Denny Menholt Honda, the COVID-19 email had an increase of 51% when averaging the store’s previous four email sends.

Our clients aren’t the only ones seeing increased open rates. Despite a significant jump in send volume, open rates increased 21% in March according to HubSpot; and on an April 8 webinar, SharpSpring reported a 47% increase in email traffic from its platform.

While the primary motive of the email was simply to inform the audience, this email still generated 56 unique clicks to the website.

2. California Auto Dealer Enjoys Highest Web Traffic Ever

It’s no secret that California has been hit hard by the coronavirus.

It’s also no secret that California is known for having enacted some pretty strict rules related to advertising.

So it wasn’t altogether shocking when our client, an auto dealership in California, emailed us to pause their Facebook campaigns until they learned more about the COVID-19 situation.

It also wasn’t shocking when, upon doing so, the dealership’s website traffic began to sink.

“When I emailed [9 Clouds] to stop all the ads, our traffic immediately took a dip. When we turned [our digital ads] back on, we had five straight days of the most Internet traffic we’ve ever had.”

– Jason Chavez, Coachella Valley Buick GMC

He went on to say, “If that doesn’t prove what 9 Clouds does, I don’t know what would.”

By combining strategic targeting with tactful messaging in our new, post-COVID Facebook ads for this client, we were able to not only drive more traffic to their website, but also connect with their audience in a meaningful way.

After reactivating Coachella Valley Buick GMC’s Facebook ads on March 23, post engagement jumped up — and cost per post engagement jumped down.

3. Facebook Ad Click-Through Rate Skyrockets for Kentucky Dealership

Dynamic retargeting campaigns on Facebook always perform well — but during COVID-19, they are performing extremely well for many of our automotive clients.

Take this dealership in Kentucky.

With minor tweaks to the targeting and copy to reflect the store’s response to the coronavirus, our dynamic retargeting ads for this client have improved immensely over the past several weeks (and the results were pretty great to begin with!).

COVID-19 Dynamic Retargeting Facebook Ads

Along with a click-through rate (CTR) of more than 23%, these latest dynamic retargeting ads have the lowest CPC of any dynamic retargeting campaign we have run for this client.

Keep Sailing Your Marketing Ship

We know: Easier said than done.

These early months of the coronavirus are a turbulent time for many most all businesses. Surviving the storm is not simply a matter of waving a wand and watching the waves subside.

But marketing during COVID-19 is not only possible, it’s also critical for some businesses — and not just because of a good return on ad spend.

Forget boosting click rates. Digital marketing can help you boost morale by keeping your customers informed and reminding them you’re there for them.

Don’t ghost your audience during COVID-19. Not when it feels like everyone else already has.

…But If You Feel Like You’re Sinking…

We’re here to help.

We offer digital marketing assessments for businesses of all sizes and budgets. If you’re feeling a little lost at sea, request your free assessment.

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