Three Emails Boat Dealers Should Use In Their Digital Marketing

Three Emails Boat Dealers Should Use In Their Digital Marketing

Think investing in email marketing for your boat dealership is irrelevant in 2023?

Think again

Unlike other social media channels, you can reach your entire target audience with their email addresses, as opposed to just posting on Facebook or Instagram alone. 

Plus, email offers the highest return on investment (ROI) of any marketing channel, bringing you an average of $42 in return for every dollar spent.

Maybe this sounds compelling, but as a marine dealership owner, you aren’t sure where to begin. Here are three types of emails to incorporate into your marine digital marketing strategy.

Note: The email examples below are from automotive dealerships, but the messaging can easily be pivoted to the marine industry. 

Newsletter Email

What: Boat Dealership Newsletter Email 

Who: All active email contacts

Why: Newsletter emails are a fun, interactive way to keep people up to date with what’s going on at your boat dealership. You can include fun videos, links to blog posts, and provide any updates on the business such as new employees, marina renovations and changes in business hours. 

Plus, newsletter emails are a good way to engage contacts who haven’t received emails from you in a while, as the send lists for newsletter emails should be larger than your other, more focused emails (more on those below). 

Sale and Promotions Email

What: Boat Dealership Sale / Promotions Email

Who: Current boat leads and those who purchased more than five years ago

Why: The end game is to sell boats at your dealership. Sending sale and promotion emails to current leads will help keep them engaged in their boat-purchasing journey. 

You can also send these emails to past boat purchasers who may be looking to upgrade their boat soon, that way you’re dealership is top of mind when they are ready to purchase.  

Leave a Review Email

What: Leave a Google Review Request Email

Who: Recent past boat purchasers

Why: If your boat dealership struggles to get quality reviews, sending an email encouraging recent boat purchasers to leave a Google review about their experience with your team is a good way to beef up your credibility. 

Think reviews aren’t that big of a deal? In a 2023 BrightLocal survey, 76% of people read online reviews regularly for local businesses. Checking reviews are becoming a common touchpoint for all consumers looking for services or products — including in the average boat buyer’s road to purchase

Get More Email Marketing Help for Boat Dealers

With the right marketing practices, you can put email to work for your marine dealership. Email is here to stay, so you might as well learn how to use it powerfully!

We believe in email marketing for boat dealerships — and we believe you can find success. If you think that building your own email marketing strategy sounds like a lot of work, talk to us.

We’ll give you a free digital marketing assessment and show you how email marketing can work for you.

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