Spread Awareness of Your Nonprofit With Free Money From Google

Spread Awareness of Your Nonprofit With Free Money From Google

Opportunity is something that every business (and nonprofit) should take advantage of — especially when it comes to nonprofits. 

It’s hard to get your nonprofit’s voice heard when you have to compete with a crowded room of businesses wanting the same attention. And while Google Ads can be cost effective, the majority of nonprofits have a lot of competing interests for their dollars and a limited budget to market themselves.

Because of this, Google gives nonprofits an opportunity that most other businesses don’t have. This opportunity is a free (metaphorical) megaphone to amplify its message. 

That megaphone: the Google Ads Grant program!

What is the Google Ads Grant Program? 

The Google Ads Grant program gives nonprofits who qualify $10,000 a month for spending on Google search ads (with a daily limit of $329)! Talk about a huge megaphone. 

This could be a huge boon for your nonprofit. In today’s society, you have to make sure your nonprofit’s voice is heard digitally, especially on Google. 

Don’t believe me? Believe the masses. According to a recent study, people are four times more likely to click ads on Google than on any other advertising platform.

What Can Your Nonprofit Do with Google Ads?

You want to make the biggest impact you possibly can with your nonprofit. So why should you invest your time to apply for the Google Ads grant?

With Google Ads, you have the opportunity to reach people you might not have found otherwise. You can use these ads to:

  • Reach more donors who are interested in your nonprofit.
  • Advertise full or part-time positions at your nonprofit.
  • Connect with more volunteers who may not have heard of you before.
  • Spread your message to the world!

A Real-Life Example of Success with Google Ads Grants

More often than not, grants are given to be used for specific purposes — like a donor giving a grant to be used to fund a new building project or a Google Ad grant that must be used on search engine marketing. This grant money is usually also for a specific set amount, and therefore must be used wisely by the nonprofit. This was the case for one of our Marketing From the Heart clients

The Stockyards Ag Experience is a nonprofit located near downtown Sioux Falls, SD. They received a Google Ads grant and realized how much of an opportunity it was to raise local awareness and to work toward a new event space.

However, the team at Stockyards Ag Experience did not have any experience with Google Ads. That’s when the team at 9 Clouds stepped in to help!

We helped set up their Google Ad account, optimized for the specific conversions that would make the most difference, and determined what keywords to focus on to get the best possible results with the budget. Also, we set benchmarks based on our experience and industry research. We wanted to achieve a 4% click-through rate (CTR) with the ads while keeping the cost per click (CPC) under $2.46.

After just three months of using Google Ads with the grant money, the Stockyards Ag Experience saw amazing results from both Google AND on their website! In that three-month span, our Google Ads had an average CTR of 7.2% and a CPC of $1.94 — both metrics exceeding our benchmarked goals.

How to Qualify For a Google Ads Grant

The Google Ad Grant can help you raise awareness, attract donors, and recruit new volunteers for your nonprofit. However, you can’t just simply ask Google for the free dollars. Your nonprofit must first qualify for the grant. 

Google has the steps outlined here, but in short, here they are:

  1. Register for Google for Nonprofits. 
  2. Apply for the Google Ads grant.

Google for Nonprofits Requirements

Being an eligible nonprofit for Google gives you access to technology that will help you and your organization make a difference in the world! Being a member of Google for Nonprofits gives you access to Google Ads Grants and other resources on Google

To qualify for Google for Nonprofits, you must:

  1. Be registered as a charitable organization with Techsoup (if you’re in the U.S.).
  2. Meet the requirements in your own country. In the U.S., this means being a 501(c)(3) organization recognized by the IRS. 
  3. Agree to the Google for Nonprofits Additional Terms of Service.

Google Ads Grant Requirements

After you’ve qualified for Google for Nonprofits, here’s what you need to qualify to submit an application for the Google Ads grant

  • You must have current and valid charity status for your country.
  • You must acknowledge and agree to required terms for Google Grant.
  • You must have a website that functions properly and provides an adequate representation of what your nonprofit is for.
  • You must have Google Analytics set up on your website.

Requirements After You’re Approved

Whoot! Your nonprofit has a grant — up to $10,000 per month to spend! — and a Google Ads account. 

Now what? 

Well, Google has certain standards you have to meet to ensure your campaigns run effectively and efficiently. They’re not difficult, but they are important. 

Basically, you have to think about it from an advertiser’s perspective. You want to reach your audience effectively and deliver the best experience for the people coming from those ads. So these requirements will help you in the long run.

Tips to Get the Most From Your Google Ads

Use negative keywords.

Just because Google is giving you all this money doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be using negative keywords. Negative keywords tell Google which searches you don’t want to show up for — which is nearly as important to identify as the ones you do want to show up for. 

Having the appropriate negative keywords will also improve your CTR and engagement, which in turn leads to your Google showing your ads more often.

Measure your results.

Great campaigns come from data that is understandable and effective. Analyzing what is working and what isn’t will lead to a clearer path for future campaigns — on Google or on other platforms. That’s why Google Analytics is so important.

Make sure your landing pages are consistent with your keywords.

The landing pages you’re sending people to from your ads should be optimized for the keywords you’re targeting in Google Ads. A better landing page experience will lead to you showing higher up on the search engine results page.

Partner with 9 Clouds to Manage Your Nonprofit’s Google Ads 

The grant is great, you might be thinking, but our time is limited. Maintaining these ads will be a challenge. 

We know you have a lot of needs pulling you in different directions. Use our expertise in Google Ads to run your campaign and get you better results — no matter the goals of your nonprofit. 

We’ve helped many nonprofits manage their Google Ads accounts to get the most out of the free dollars Google is offering. We offer affordable, custom packages for nonprofits that include transparent results and analysis.

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