An Ode to Queen City Bakery

An Ode to Queen City Bakery

Every Friday morning, our crew gets together to enjoy a delicious breakfast at the one and only Queen City Bakery, located in downtown Sioux Falls.

And it’s truly amazing.

Queen City Bakery is more than a coffee shop — it’s where we go to connect over a cup of coffee or piece of pie after a long week of work. Many folks come to Queen City Bakery (or QCB, as it’s often called) to find respite from the daily grind.

Owners Mitch Jackson and Kristine Moberg create an approachable and tasteful atmosphere, while producing the highest-quality baked goods — all made from scratch daily, using local fruit and other ingredients. 

Queen City Bakery Queen City Bakery

At 9 Clouds, we are very passionate about coffee, community, and cake (and cars, because auto marketing is what we do). It’s clear we have some strong feels for QCB, so we summed up our emotions in a poem.


Ode to Queen City Bakery

Shall I compare thee to a coffee shop?
Thou art more lovely and decadent.
Family and friends come ’round nonstop,
Chatting, eating, sipping — a communal sentiment.

Order a muffin or a piece of chocolate cake;
Pastries, quiche, and sweets baked fresh each day.
Have yourself a scrumptious treat to take,
Or gather ’round a table and stay.

With a coffee to your left and pastry to your right,
The glowing clamshell of your laptop in the center,
You’re ready to read, scroll, design, write —
Alone or together.

Lattes, mochas, cappuccino, espresso, and tea,
Cookies, cupcakes, and pie baked fresh from the bakery,
Options are plenty and as endless as the sea,
Whether you’d like something sweet or savory.

Eat a baked good, drink caffeine,
Feel like a Queen.


Treat Yo’ Self Like 9C at QCBQueen City Bakery

If one of us needs a little salvation or a change of scenery, QCB is the place that comes to mind. On any given day (except for Tuesdays), their doors are open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. (and on Sundays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.).

Queen City Bakery is located at 324 East 8th Street, right next to Prairie Berry East Bank. You can find our team at the usual spot every Friday morning, working remote and enjoying each other’s company.

Thank you to everyone at Queen City Bakery for all you do for the Sioux Falls community! 

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Image credit: Queen City Bakery