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[Roundup] Find Us on Snapchat and Jet Ski All Day

9 Clouds is on Snapchat at See9Clouds

“They don’t want you to jet ski.”

“SMH. They don't like it when you have joy. SMH.”

If you’re one of DJ Khaled’s two million Snapchat followers, you may have seen such words of wisdom from the rap mogul, who offers these “major keys to success” to his devotees on the mega-popular video messaging app.

We aren't sure who is frowning upon your joy and jet skiing, but we do think Snapchat is a major key to success for businesses that are looking to spread their brand. So we started an account. Check us out at See9Clouds.

Our new Snapchat account is the big news from 9 Clouds this month. Here is the rest of the best of what we found on the Internet in May.

9 Clouds Monthly Roundup

9 Clouds is on Snapchat at See9Clouds

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1. Facebook has introduced a feature called Instant Articles that provides a new way to natively load articles within the app using an adapted RSS feed. What exactly does this mean to marketers? Internet marketing superstar Gary Vaynerchuk has the scoop.

2. Social media enthusiasts should check out this guide to creating engaging social images by Buffer’s Roy Olende.

3. Who doesn’t like a free webinar? From beginner reports to advanced insights, Google Analytics is a very useful marketing tool, both for auto dealers and other businesses. If you’d like to learn Google Analytics inside and out, sign up for our webinar. While this series will use examples in the automotive industry, the lessons can be applied to any business.

4. Finding the right keywords for your business is one of the most important parts of any marketing strategy. Google Keyword Planner is not the only option. The new Moz Keyword Explorer might be worth a look, too.

5. Google has increased the width of the search results column, impacting featured snippets, local packs, and AdWords. Jennifer Slegg of The SEM Post has more.

6. Facebook Ads are a necessity in the current digital marketing landscape. Lead Ads capture leads right from Facebook. If you haven’t tried them, you might want to. Stefan Des of LeadsBridge tells you how.

7. Do your content marketing readers suffer from RADD? If so, read this from Copyblogger’s Pamela Wilson. She believes subheads are vital to reader attention spans.

8. Google Sheets are a free and useful alternative to Microsoft Excel. They offer advanced reporting, too. Check out these hacks from our partners at Hubspot.

9. Should you use a carousel on your website? Click here to find out.

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And make sure they don’t stop you from jet skiing. Whoever “they” are.