Instagram for Auto: 4 Apps to Help Your Dealership ‘Gram

Instagram for Auto: 4 Apps to Help Your Dealership ‘Gram

Who gives a hoot about Instagram?

You better if you’re an auto dealer. It’s 2016, after all, and 23% of car buyers use social media to discuss or share a recent purchase. If one out of every four customers is talking about you online, don’t you think you should be part of the conversation?

Maybe you’re giving Twitter or Facebook a shot, but we’re here to tell you, it’s time to add Instagram to the mix. And we wouldn’t tell you that without offering a little help to get you started.

These are the five must-use apps to use along with Instagram for auto.


1. Snapseed

Snapseed will turn your phone into the ultimate photo editing tool. Sure, Instagram has some filters, but Snapseed lets you brush, blur, and enhance like a pro

This is a powerful app for complex photo editing, so you won’t want to use it on every picture you Instagram, but it’s a must-use for more detailed jobs.

Android or iOS

2. PicStitch

picstitchThere’s only one reason to use PicStitch, but there are about a million different results. This app creates collages from your photos, using different aspect ratios and layouts.

Maybe you want to show off different angles of a new car on your lot. Or maybe you’ve got a community event happening at your dealership. Either way, PicStitch is a fun way to create content people can interact with on Instagram.

Android or iOS

3. Postso

postsoPostso is perfect for any social media managers who have been avoiding Instagram because of the time commitment.

It’s one thing to take a bunch of photos, but it’s another to share them all instantly and flood your followers’ feeds. The problem is, there’s no way to schedule posts within the app itself.

That’s where Postso comes in.

Postso allows you to set up team members with accounts so that multiple people can share control of your dealership’s Instagram account. You can also queue up posts so that your account stays fresh — without over-posting.

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4. Repost

repostRepost enables you to share relevant content from users, while still giving the original photographer credit.

This app can be useful if you’re running a campaign asking followers to send you photos. Share a few on your own account to generate genuine interest.

Repost is a great way to let customers interact with your content — not just consume it. That’s a big distinction between inbound and outbound marketing that can set your dealership apart from the rest.

Android or iOS

Take Instagram for Auto to the Next Level

38% of consumers report they’ll consult social media the next time they purchase a car.

In order to make sure your dealership is showing up where customers are looking, you’ve got to embrace the most popular social media channels. And Instagram is one of them.

These apps are great resources to help you run an Instagram campaign at your dealership more easily.

If you’re ready to take your ‘Gramming skills to the next level, check out our latest blog posts and resources. It’s a full guide on how to put the visual channel to work for your dealership.