Google Releases Messaging Feature in Google My Business

Google Releases Messaging Feature in Google My Business

Text messaging has come a long way in the past decade.

Remember when you paid per text? Back then, you were probably pretty stingy with your messages. These days, the messages app is probably one of your most used.

Now Google is offering an extension through Google My Business, which allows customers to message your dealership directly.

The future is now, folks.

Service On Demand

The new messaging feature will appear in your Google local panel on mobile search. There are settings you can tweak, like where the messages go and what the auto-responder message says.

This new Google Messaging feature will allow you to provide accessibility to customers on another level.

As we’ve explained before, 19 of the 24 touchpoints a customer makes before purchase happen online. The ability to text with a salesperson or finance consultant only helps educate customers and build trust.

Google Messaging helps you provide service on demand, without the added headache of new platforms or expenses. It’s a free service that only requires a few extra changes to your Google My Business account.

Here’s how to get started.

How to Set Up Google Messaging

Under your Google My Business home page, you’ll now see a section for “Messaging” in the left navigation. In the middle of the main page, you’ll also see a section offering the option to “Message with customers.”

Google My Business | Google Messaging | 9 Clouds

The number you plan to use needs to be set up with Google Allo, the search giant’s messaging app. You’ll also need to go through a two-step verification process with that phone to ensure you’re on the up and up.

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After verification, you can set the auto-responder message to display to customers who use the feature. Keep it brief, and let them know when you’ll be in touch.

Google My Business | Google Messaging | 9 Clouds

And that’s it!

Setting up Google Messaging is a simple process that adds an additional lead generation tool to your box for the low price of . . . free. What dealership could turn that down?

Keep in Touch!

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