Keep Your Facebook Catalog Healthy — Our eBook Shows You How

Keep Your Facebook Catalog Healthy — Our eBook Shows You How

One of the best things about using a catalog to run dynamic ads on Facebook is the automation. Forget about updating your ads each time a price changes or a vehicle or product sells — Facebook’s catalog tool can do the work for you.

However, that doesn’t mean you can “set it and forget it.” The same functionality that makes these Facebook campaigns operate regularly can break, and when it does, there’s no notification system alerting you that something has gone wrong.

To avoid broken feeds and, consequently, subpar performance of Facebook campaigns, we’ve put together some guidelines for checking the health of your Facebook catalog. Our team follows these steps for each of our clients on a monthly basis, and we think you’ll find them helpful, too.

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What You’ll Learn

This eBook walks through the essential health checks to perform on your Facebook product catalog, including how to:

  • Confirm your products are populating as expected.
  • Check that your last product upload was successful (and troubleshoot if it wasn’t).
  • Verify that your website conversions are firing correctly.
Second Edition of the Facebook Catalog Health Check from 9 Clouds

Our updated, second edition includes information regarding Facebook’s update to event-to-item match rates.

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This resource is specific to automotive dealers who have an inventory feed, using software like Cumulus. However, the same principles apply to anyone who uses a Facebook catalog to advertise their products.

We’re always happy to help and to educate, whether you’re running your own catalog Facebook ads or working with an agency to do so.

Download our Facebook Catalog Health Check today so you can be confident that your dynamic Facebook campaigns are running correctly — and, hopefully, making money for your business.