Embracing Snapchat for Auto and Other Platforms

Embracing Snapchat for Auto and Other Platforms

Embracing new social platforms (like Snapchat for auto dealers) has a strong parallel to the craziness that is an actual train station platform.

In theory, you should be able to accomplish what you set out to do — you have a destination in mind, right? So you just need to buy your ticket, find your platform, and board the train.

In my travel plans, though, problems never fail to arise. Does Murphy’s Law apply to travel? Maybe I’m just cursed. I always forget something.

Before you embrace a new social platform like Snapchat, be sure you know where you’re going first.

1. Buy Your Ticket to Snapchat for Auto

In the same way that train stations are romanticized in movies and novels, marketers are guilty of doing the same to emerging social platforms. Widget X is “the next big thing!” Widget W is so two months ago!

I used to love the hustle and bustle and organized chaos of train stations and airports. The older I get, though, the more practical I become. Yes, traveling is an adventure, but there’s value in planning.

If you’re thinking about trying Snapchat for auto or another new social network, make sure you know where you’re going before you begin. Ask yourself:

    • How will we use this platform to interact with our audience?
    • Do we have the staff needed to take on this platform?
  • What do we want our brand voice to be?

Don’t jump onto just any train — jump onto yours. Snapchat for auto, among other social platforms, needs to be written into your marketing plan if it’s to be taken seriously.

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2. Find Your Platform

I don’t like doing work that doesn’t make sense. I’m not a fan of wasting time. If you’re not sure why you’re doing something, you’re probably wasting time.

I’d been in marketing and advertising for some time before joining the 9 Clouds team. One thing that has always impressed me is how quickly people lose track of what they have out there. Especially with digital — there’s a kind of digital junk that gets created.

It’s for this reason that we have a 9 Clouds digital audit. We offer this up for free because we know how bad the problem persists. Time for a little spring cleaning?

<< Shameless Plug for Our Digital Audit >>

This happens at both a client and a personal level. I had an HR professor in college who always had stand-out lectures. He outdid himself with a Star Wars-inspired movie slideshow he created to highlight the pictures our class had visible on Facebook.

It was something. Some of my classmates had pictures that made them blush. (There were too many house party photos to count.)

I bring this up because I feel it’s easy to forget: the more accounts you open, the more accounts you have to manage.

With a lot of new clients, I’ll find social media accounts we can’t take over because they were created by now ex-employees. Or I’ll see multiple people posting to a certain platform without taking into consideration a consistent brand voice.

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3. Board the Train

Once you’ve created some goals and found the right outlet, it’s time to implement them.

Again, planning is key. When I’m starting a new project with my team, I like to have a kickoff meeting so that everyone can be on the same page in regard to expectations.

After that, there are two major routes to take.

Route 1: Trust the Professionals

Partnering with people who specialize in digital marketing for auto dealers is the safest bet to guarantee success.

You trust a mechanic with your car. You trust a hair stylist with your hair. Why wouldn’t you go to a digital marketer for your digital marketing endeavors?

Route 2: Go at It Alone

Option two requires some risk-taking. By reading our blog and other resources available online, it is possible to manage your social media efforts on your own. This route will require the planning mentioned earlier, in addition to extra hours from your schedule.

Make sure you’re working where your talents are most needed. For example, a finance manager at your dealership might not make the most sense on your Snapchat team.

All Aboard!

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