The 5 Best Apps for Automotive Dealers in 2016

The 5 Best Apps for Automotive Dealers in 2016

Being an automotive dealer in 2016 means staying in tune with your customers’ changing needs. Automotive inbound marketing helps dealerships keep a pulse on what customers are saying and doing.

Apps are an easy way to manage that communication, and many cater to dealer convenience. The following apps for automotive dealers can help you kick off your inbound marketing auto strategy.

1. NADA MarketValues

More on the administrative side, NADA MarketValues is an app designed specifically for car sales and valuation.

With a quick scan of a VIN, dealerships can find the fair market value for a used car in addition to a history report. There are consumer-facing versions of this app as well, so that’s something to stay aware of when selling!

2. Twitter

Part of a good inbound marketing auto strategy is figuring out what your customers are talking about.

Although Twitter initially struggled to turn a profit, your profits can still benefit from the communication convenience that Twitter has to offer. Search trending topics by hashtags, and easily open a conversational dialogue with your customers.

3. Overcast

I’m going to cheat a little on this list and offer up Overcast as a nod to one of the best automotive digital marketing podcasts. Overcast presents a more streamlined listening experience, so you can learn about automotive digital marketing best practices while on the go.

4. Snapchat

Successful inbound automotive marketing means giving your customers relevant information via a medium they’re using. Snapchat is an easy way to tease customers about events, new cars, service specials, and more.

This app has gained tremendous traction in a younger consumer demo. It’s a refreshing break customers need from the traditional automotive marketing tactics of in-your-face television ads and radio spots.

5. Instagram

Our most common app for auto dealers recommendation is Instagram. This app continues to be rich in visuals and community-building opportunities.

Many dealers already work with this app, so be sure to catch up on some new Instagram tools to maintain a strong presence.

Using Apps to your Advantage

Automotive digital marketing continues to be data-driven, but that doesn’t mean you have to do without the creativity. Utilizing these apps means a more varied approach to your messaging and general store operations.

If you’re not sure where to begin, we have some other resources available too. Once you get acquainted with some of the apps above, it’s time to delve a bit deeper.