[Free Downloads] The Best Marketing Resources to Inspire Your Next Campaign

[Free Downloads] The Best Marketing Resources to Inspire Your Next Campaign

Are you overwhelmed by a blank page? 

You’re not alone. One of the biggest challenges for marketers tasked with creative work is staring at that proverbial blank page and waiting for inspiration to strike. 

That’s why our team has put together so many resources for our fellow marketers! Whether you’re DIY-ing all of your marketing services or just a few key pieces, we’ve got inspiration to help create the digital content you need. 

We’re going to highlight the MVP resources in each category throughout this post, but if you want to see all of our educational materials by topic, you can browse through them here: 

Note: While many of these resources are written for automotive dealers, the content can be applied to any industry!

🏆 Top Pick: Search Engine Optimization

We’ve said it before, but SEO is one of the toughest services to DIY. Search engine optimization requires attention to both the technical elements of your website and the content you publish on the site.

If you’re just getting started with SEO and have no clue where to start, we recommend our SEO for Auto Dealers eBook.

With SEO, you’re not going to have a blank page, so much as a sub-par page.

This resource will give you a framework of how to get started with on-page, off-page, and local SEO strategies for your dealership or business.

If you’re a more visual learner, watch our SEO webinar.

🏆 Top Pick: Online Advertising

Online advertising covers more than Facebook ads, but if you’re looking to do it yourself, Facebook is where we recommend you start.

Facebook ads, when targeted correctly, allow you to find customers at the right stage in the sales funnel.

Find out how to get started with Facebook ads — from creating a Business Manager to determining the best use of your campaigns — in our Facebook and Instagram Ads for Auto Dealers eBook.

The worst mistake you can make with Facebook ads is not running Facebook ads. So even if you’re completely new to the platform, we recommend starting small and testing your tactics!

There’s no time like the present to get started.

🏆 Top Pick: Lead Tracking

Of all the content we have about lead tracking (and boy, is there a bunch), our Converting Leads to Sales eBook is our most valuable piece.

This eBook details how to calculate your sales funnel, identify the weak points, and execute solutions for each possible opportunity.

This resource is the best place to start if your goal is to build the relationship between sales and marketing.

🏆 Top Pick: Email Marketing

Email marketing works hand in hand with the lead tracking software you choose. Our top email resource is our Automated Email Templates for Auto Dealers eBook.

These templates show examples of segmentation, a service offer, and lease-ending workflows, which you can set up to send automatically to customers in your database.

Automated emails are ideal to use because they allow you to craft email marketing that operates in the background (with very minimal effort on your part).

🏅 Master Your Marketing with Free Educational Resources

We hope you find these (and our other) resources useful in kick starting your digital marketing efforts. Start with these ideas, and then individualize the content to your dealership.

If there are any service areas you feel stuck on, contact us for a free digital marketing assessment. We’re happy to talk strategy specific to your store, provide feedback on your existing marketing and offer suggestions for the future!

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