A Day in the Life of a Creative Content Strategist at 9 Clouds

A Day in the Life of a Creative Content Strategist at 9 Clouds

I’m a creative content strategist for a digital marketing agency that specializes in the automotive industry.”

So . . . like . . . what does that mean? What do you do every day?

This is a conversation I’ve had on numerous occasions since beginning my position at 9 Clouds as a creative content strategist.

At 9 Clouds, we have six amazing team members with the title of creative content strategist (or “creative” for short). But really, what do we do?

While no day as a creative content strategist is the same, here are the the situations and qualities we creatives encounter every day, spelled out to form the backbone word of who we are: CREATIVE.

The ABCs of a Creative Content Strategist

Casual Culture

C – Casual Culture with a Dose of Coffee

Let’s begin with my favorite aspect of working at 9 Clouds: the casual company culture.

At 9 Clouds, we strongly believe that you can do your work whenever and wherever you are most efficient.

Whether you work well from nine to five at the 9 Clouds headquarters, at a coffee shop over the lunch hour, or on your couch at home at midnight — just work where and when you work your best. It’s as simple as that.

R – Research to Continually Learn

As technology continues to grow and evolve, so does the practice of digital marketing.

Since we creatives work in the ever-changing business of digital marketing, we are always researching the latest marketing trends and data to improve our content and produce high-quality results for our clients.

E – Engaging Content that Attracts

Perhaps the core of what we creatives work on from day to day is providing engaging content in the form of blogs, emails, online ads, landing pages, and more for our clients.

Instead of working with traditional outbound marketing, we work to produce engaging content in the form of inbound marketing.

As opposed to outbound marketing, which is often is a blanket message screamed at an entire audience, inbound marketing seeks to give a particular audience the message they actually want to hear, the way the want and need to hear it — and at a much lower cost.

A – Analysis and Adaptation

For a creative content strategist, simply producing work isn’t our only job. During and after a particular client campaign, we analyze results. What worked, and what can we improve?

Through Google Analytics and other tools, we analyze our work, then take what we’ve learned and adapt it to the next project.

Lather, rinse, and repeat.

Even our seasoned creatives still learn new things and bring them to their next project.  

T – Transparency and Teamwork in Order to Succeed

Teamwork and Collaboration

If the quarterback of a football team never communicated with the wide receiver or running back about the play the team was running, do you think that team would be successful? Probably not.

One of the aspects of our manifesto at 9 Clouds is being transparent about everything. We’re honest with our clients (and each other) about the work we are doing and how we are doing it.

Having a small staff of 13 allows us to be transparent with each other and to constantly collaborate and brainstorm together to produce the very best content for our clients.

I – Investment in Yourself

9 Clouds handles employee reviews in a unique way. Instead of the typical employer/employee review that may or may not take place once a year, we hold reviews every quarter. That’s four times a year!

It’s during these reviews that we set professional goals for ourselves. These professional goals could include things like obtaining a new HubSpot certification, attending a training session on a particular topic, or spearheading a new project for 9 Clouds.

We work on these professional goals all quarter long to help us develop our skills and grow into our role at 9 Clouds.

Our goals aren’t strictly professional, either. We also set personal goals each quarter as something for us to work on in our free time at home.

Current personal goals of employees at 9 Clouds include working out at least three times a week, designing a deck, and attending a homebuyers’ education class.

It’s reassuring to know that my employer wants me to invest time in myself so that I am more productive and am continually learning something new.

V – Vehicles and More in Auto Marketing

Auto Marketing

Since we work for a marketing agency that specializes primarily in auto marketing, it would be foolish not to mention vehicles as a primary aspect of our position as creative content strategists.

But our work is more than just advertising the newest truck model on a dealership’s lot.

We work with our clients to create content that delivers a powerful message about why auto buyers should purchase that model from that dealership.  

E – Encouraging and Empowering Words

As with any job, working as a creative content strategist can have its fair share of stressful moments. It’s during these stressful times when the encouraging words from my 9 Clouds team members mean so much.

Since I’m still relatively new to the 9 Clouds team, having the encouragement and support of my teammates has allowed me to learn and grow so much in my short time as a member of this outstanding team.

Work Hard, Play Hard

With a good balance of work and play, a day in the life of a creative content strategist is rarely dull. We’re a passionate group that loves to set both professional and personal goals that help motivate us to improve in our work and personal life.

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