Sarah Carnes

Chief Executive Officer | Partner


  • Goal- and Data-Focused Marketing
  • Inbound Strategy
  • Project Management
  • General Whip Cracking

Hometown: Quimby, Iowa
Alma Mater: Luther College
Favorite Car: Old Blue, the beloved Ford farm truck from her childhood.




When her Luther College classmate John Meyer called and asked if she would consider the move to become Chief Operating Officer at 9 Clouds in 2012, Sarah decided to take a chance. 9 Clouds had three employees when she joined, and now she is CEO of this thriving company with an amazing team of more than a dozen people.

Sarah spends her days helping the team deliver high-quality, data-focused online marketing however she can and continues to manage the team to push the boundaries of the strategies and tactics we are providing our clients. She is passionate about creating an innovative and supportive culture that produces thoughtful and goal-oriented work.

Sarah is HubSpot Agency Partner certified
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