9 Clouds Clients Rank Above National Industry Benchmarks for Google Ads

Many clients trust us with their search engine marketing (SEM) on Google Ads and Microsoft Ads. 

Working with such a diverse bunch of clients across different industries is what keeps our team on their toes. Each industry is unique in its own way, and we’re all about soaking up that knowledge to make our ads management game even stronger. 

The Challenge

Every year, Wordstream updates its Google Ads industry benchmarks for average metrics such as conversion rate (CR), click-through rate (CTR), and cost per click (CPC). It breaks them out by different industries — and it helps us to have a starting point for where we want metrics to be. 

What we strive to do isn’t just meet those benchmarks, though. It’s to consistently be better than them — to provide the best results we can for our clients in their search engine marketing strategy.

The Strategy

Each of our search engine marketing clients has a dedicated Google Ads strategist.  Our strategist works with the client and conducts keyword research to identify the most cost-effective keywords. 

Then, we work to create relevant, action-driving ads to use on Google and its search partner sites. We use a combination of responsive search ads, call ads and other assets to drive quality traffic to clients’ sites — ultimately bringing them more leads and sales. 

Our strategists optimize campaigns on a weekly basis, so that we keep track of how campaigns are going and make sure the account’s spending is on track. 

Using our proactive, data driven strategy, we’re able to keep cost per click lower and drive more traffic and conversions for our clients. 

(As an aside, all our SEM strategists are women — with a combined 21+ years of working in Google Ads.)

The Results

Looking back at our clients from 2023 to 2024, we found something exciting: our clients smashed industry standards for their search campaigns across all the industries we work with — including our automotive accounts, healthcare and industrial services accounts!

Click-Through Rate (CTR): 100% of Clients Above Average

WordStream notes that the average CTR for search campaigns across all industries is 3.17%. Of our 26 clients, all rose above the CTR standards for their industry. Nearly half have double the standard.

Google Ads CTR Comparison
Industry Industry Average CTR Our Average CTR
Automotive 4% 11%
Health and Medical 3.27% 9.24%
Industrial Services 2.61% 5.31%

Cost Per Click (CPC): 82% of Clients Better Than Average

In 2023, Wordstream says CPC for all industries averaged $2.69 for search campaigns — and they’ve increased very little in general over the past couple of years. 

Average Google Ads CPC
Industry Industry Average CPC Our Average CPC
Automotive $2.46 $2.00
Health and Medical $2.62 $1.62
Industrial Services $2.56 $3.57

Wordstream’s numbers are an average that we use as a starting point. We’re always going to aim to do better, though individual business CPCs will depend on competition in your area and the types of search terms and customers you’re targeting.

That being said, even when we weren’t quite hitting the CPC benchmarks, our CTR and conversion rates speak for themselves as to the success of campaigns — especially for one of our manufacturing clients.

Conversion Rate: 100% of Clients Above Average

Based on 2023 metrics, WordStream reports that “the average conversion rate in Google Ads across all industries is 3.75% for search.” All of our clients have conversion rates that are more than double the industry average.  

Average Google Ads conversion rate for 9 Clouds clients: 

Google Ads Conversion Rate Comparison
Industry Industry Average Conversion Rate Our Average Conversion Rate
Automotive 6.03% 23.18%
Health and Medical 3.36% 27.49%
Industrial Services 3.37% 52.45%
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