[Case Study] Digital Ads Boost Attendance at Children Museum’s Event

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The Children’s Museum of South Dakota, located in Brookings, S.D., hosts an annual Snow Ball dance to offer children an opportunity for a special night out for their loved ones. This event happens during the community’s annual Frost Fest, which features events from several businesses throughout the city of Brookings. 

In order to increase attendance at their event as well as the museum’s Frost Fest holiday weekend, the museum partnered with 9 Clouds to create and implement a targeted Facebook advertising campaign which had clearly measurable results.

The Problem

The museum had previously relied on traditional marketing methods — such as posters, organic social media, email blasts, and radio ads — to promote the Snow Ball event and Frost Fest weekend. 

While these methods had some success, the museum recognized the need to diversify its marketing strategy and reach a wider audience. With the nonprofit museum’s limited resources, they needed an affordable marketing solution.

The Solution

9 Clouds, as digital marketing partners with the Children’s Museum, developed a targeted digital marketing campaign to promote the Snow Ball event and Frost Fest weekend. 

The campaign included Facebook advertising and Google Ads, both aimed at reaching a local audience within 50 miles of Brookings, S.D.

The team created a series of Facebook ads promoting the Snow Ball event and Frost Fest weekend, targeting users who had previously shown interest in children’s museums or educational events. The ads featured eye-catching images and a call to action to learn more about the weekend’s events.

The Google Ads campaign further promoted the Snow Ball event and advertised purchasing tickets for the event. It targeted users who were searching for keywords like “family-friendly events” or “children’s museum events”.  

The Results

The digital marketing campaign developed by 9 Clouds had a significant impact on the Snow Ball event and the Frost Fest weekend. 

Using Facebook advertising Offline Events, 9 Clouds attributed at least 250 ticket sales from one month of a Facebook advertising campaign. The Frost Fest campaign generated five times as many Offline Events as all of our campaigns in the previous month.

Traffic to the museum’s website increased by 55% month over month due to the targeted digital marketing campaign. 

Additionally, the Google Ads campaign reached more than 100,000 people within a 50-mile radius of Brookings, S.D. during the month leading up to the Snow Ball event.

Overall, the digital marketing campaign created by 9 Clouds helped the Children’s Museum of South Dakota increase attendance at the Snow Ball event and reach a wider audience.

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