“Buy Here, Pay Here” Dealer Gains Digital Traction Despite Small Budget

The Challenge

If you’re a smaller “buy here, pay here” auto dealer, you don’t have the luxury of a large marketing budget since you don’t receive co-op reimbursements like your larger original equipment manufacturer (OEM) counterparts.

Yet you still have an audience to reach, vehicles to sell, and a brand message to share. How do you do all that with your limited budget?

That was the question one “buy here, pay here” operation from Orlando brought to 9 Clouds. The owner of the dealership was looking for a small, trusted team to direct his marketing efforts and wanted a solution that would return the most bang for his buck.

The Solution

This “buy here, pay here” owner had heard 9 Clouds speak at Digital Dealer. He wanted our agency’s auto marketing expertise on his side as he sought to elevate his small dealership to the next level amid the competition in his heavily saturated Florida market.

We knew that for a small used dealership, dynamic retargeting Facebook ads could contribute to an increase in qualified web traffic, with a return on investment (ROI) that could be proven with Offline Events and Google Analytics data.

If we needed to get him the best ROI — no matter how small the investment — a Facebook dynamic retargeting campaign using our Cumulus software was the solution.

The Results

Case Study Data

After six months of running a dynamic retargeting campaign on Facebook, our client saw a proven ROI from his digital ads investment.

Spending an average of just $614.61 per month for six months on Facebook campaigns, the Orlando-based “buy here, pay here” dealership saw great results:

  • 20 offline purchases
  • 93 offline leads
  • An average cost per click (CPC) of $1.14
  • An average click-through rate (CTR) of 2.46%

In addition to getting the dealership rolling with Facebook ads, we also helped set up a Google Analytics account so the client could better track the store’s online efforts. Specifically, we saw that in a six-month period, the dynamic retargeting campaign contributed to:

  • 54.25% of all online traffic 
  • 854 used vehicle description page (VDP) views 
  • 177 used search result page (SRP) views
  • An average session duration of 0:58 seconds
  • More than two pages per session

Our client learned that even with a small marketing budget, digital marketing success can be a reality for his dealership. We were happy to help him get the most bang for his buck with Facebook’s dynamic retargeting ads.

Want to Learn More?

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