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[Study] See the Top 3 SEO Keywords for Honda Dealerships

Americans are beginning to rethink how they buy cars. According to a study by Lab42, 83% of vehicle consumers research online before buying. That means the sales process starts long before a potential customer walks into your Honda dealership. In fact, it begins the moment someone in your area casually decides to do a Google search for Hondas. Although this might seem insignificant, it is crucial that your dealership shows up.

Yes, this is possible and it all begins with knowing the most frequently searched keywords for Honda dealerships.

The Secret to Keyword Success

As a Honda dealer, you know which Honda models sell well at your store and perhaps even on a national level, but do you know which Honda keywords are most frequently searched online? They might not be what you'd expect.

Don't assume you know what people are searching for. Do your research. A little planning will increase your odds of showing up when potential leads search for your product or service.

So what are the three most searched Honda keywords in America?

  1. Right off the bat, Google's Keyword Planner throws a curveball. Tied for first place with 246,000 searches per month, one of the most highly-searched Honda keywords isn't a vehicle, it's “honda financial.”
  2. Next is the equally searched keyword, “honda accord.”
  3. And coming in as a close third, is the keyword, “honda crv,” with 201,000 searches per month.


Ready to try it yourself?

Google's Keyword Planner provides data to tell you exactly which keywords are most searched for according to your brand, product category, location, and language. You can be as specific or as broad as you want.

First you'll need to create a Google AdWords account. If you already have a basic Google account, setting up AdWords is a snap.

After signing into your AdWords account, select “Keywords Planner” from the “Tools” dropdown menu.


Begin your search by typing in your keyword in the “Your product or service” box. After that, go ahead and customize as much as you would like, just make sure your target country is set to the United States.

Next, click “Get Ideas.”


Navigate to the “Keyword ideas” tab to find your results. Here you can sort the suggested keywords by searches, competition, and suggested bids.

Put Your Keywords Into Action

Now that you have a list of popular Honda keywords, it's time to start putting them to good use. But first, here is what you should consider:

  • Sort your keyword results by average monthly searches, but take competition into consideration as well. Google calculates how many people are competing for a keyword and if the competition is high, it will be very difficult to rank for that keyword. In this case, consider moving down the list to a more attainable keyword.
  • Use keywords that are relevant to your dealership. “Honda motorcycles” ranks fourth in this keyword search, but if your dealership doesn't sell motorcycles, move to the next highest-searched model you offer.
  • Consider how people actually search and abbreviate, don't just focus on how you want them to search. Remember, potential leads might not be using the correct terminology in their searches. For instance, someone might be searching for the Honda CR-V, but spelling it CRV. Make sure not to exclude these common mistakes.
  • Narrow your focus. The best way to do this is by localizing your search for your region. Competing locally will increase your chances of showing up.
  • Don't set it and forget it. Keywords need to maintained and updated. Keep brainstorming and searching keywords that might have potential. There isn't an exact science to choosing a keyword, it's all about trial and error.

Now you are ready to start integrating quality keywords into your website, meta data, blog posts, landing pages, and any other platform you use. Just remember, SEO doesn't work overnight. But after a month or two, your dealership will be ready to rock ‘n roll.

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