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[Study] Top 3 Keywords for a Chevy Dealer

As a Chevy dealer, you want your customers to find you easily when they Google-hunt for a vehicle. So what keywords should you sprinkle throughout your website to make sure end up near the top of their search results page?

Think like a customer and play the odds. Look for the words a Chevy customer is most likely to use in a search engine. We started this research for you by finding the three most highly searched terms related to the Chevrolet brand.

Chevy, not Chevrolet

You know that “Chevy” and “Chevrolet” are interchangeable. Both are immensely popular and used frequently. But this changes a little in regard to search engine optimization (SEO), the process of optimizing your website so that search engines can discover your content.

“Chevrolet” and “Chevy” both average about 550,000 monthly searches according to Google Keywords Planner, the tool used by Adwords users to set up Google ad campaigns. However, many more customers use the word “Chevy” when referring to a specific car. And Chevy enthusiasts search for three vehicles more than any others (we added two more to the chart for comparison's sake):


“Colorado” is the most popular term. But only when accompanied by “Chevy.” “Chevrolet Colorado,” which is the most highly searched term with the word “Chevrolet” in it, averages just 40,500 monthly searches.

This information, accompanied by your own additional research, will give you a leg up on the competition. By using Google Keywords Planner, you can discover the hottest buzzwords in the SEO universe. Here's how.

How to: Use Google Keywords Planner

Use Google Keywords Planner (you can sign in and create a Google Adwords account using your Google account, if you don’t already have Adwords) to search for keywords. Enter search terms in the box labeled “search for new keyword and ad group ideas.” Target the United States, then click “get ideas,” which will take you to the screen below. Here, you can find search volumes and get ideas for related terms.


Finding popular terms is the first step. Now, localize keywords for your region so your customers find what you have to offer in their area. Compete for a term like “Chevy Colorado Los Angeles” instead of “Chevy Colorado.”


Check out the “competition” column above. High search volumes are good. High competition is bad. Google calculates how many advertisers compete for each keyword. If the competition is high, ranking difficulty increases.

A word with low search volume and low competition is easier to rank for than a heavily searched term with high competition. Ideally, you'll find high search volume and low competition. Customize the search to your city and state to stake out your regional competition.

Use the Keyword Planner to explore all possibilities related to the Chevy brand, using suggestions generated by entering Chevy as a search term. Tailor the most popular terms to your area, and use them on your website and blog.

That said, don’t waste your time with keywords that aren’t relevant to you. If you don’t sell the Colorado, don’t focus on it. Opt instead for the next highest-searched model that you actually offer.

Getting Started

Your starting point on this project will depend on the software you use for automotive digital marketing.

If you have a keyword searching tool, use that first. If you don't, cue up the Google Keywords Planner and start exploring all the features it offers. This article can show you how.

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