[Roundup] There May Be Some Butt Jokes In Here

[Roundup] There May Be Some Butt Jokes In Here

This month, you’re in for a few butt jokes. It’s time for another 9 Clouds monthly roundup!

November was serious, comical, confusing, and full of innovation announcements — all at the same time. It’s like the Jell-O concoction that everyone passes around at Thanksgiving but no one wants to eat. (Except for John. We know he really likes it.)

Hang on to your peaches and burritos, friends — it’s time for the monthly roundup.

1. Click-to-Text Is Coming Soon

Since the dawn of Internet marketing, whenever you hit a call-to-action (CTA) in an email, landing page, or really anywhere in the digital realm, the CTA will take you to a website within your browser.

Then, Google added call extensions through AdWords, which let you click the CTA to call the business you searched. Now, Google has deemed that boring and has decided to test the bejeezus out of text extensions with new click-to-text campaigns.

It’s simple: someone can click on an AdWords text extension, and it will open a new text message so that the user can text the business directly. The option is currently in beta, but you know that once Google entrusts it to the masses, others will follow suit with their own click-to-text CTAs.

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2. RIP Peach Butt*Peachy, just peachy

If you haven’t checked your emojis lately, you probably should. There’s a crap-ton of new emojis with the Apple 10.2 release, but sadly one, in particular, has morphed.

Apple decided it didn’t want to be the butt of peach jokes everywhere, so it has changed the look of the peach emoji (see the cheek peach on the left).

Our office mourned. Then, in Slack, we saved the icon of the former emoji named peach (see the right cheek peach) so that we could continue to use it.

Whatever you do, Apple, please don’t change the eggplant icon. We expect that’s next on your list.

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3. Google Has an Evil Twin

Have you checked out your spam email or Google Analytics lately? If you’ve noticed ɢoogle.com as a referral source, you’re not alone. It was also sent last week as an email to “Vote for Trump.” Um, the election’s over.

That little ɢ (a Latin little cap, a.k.a. Baby Cap G) is confounding a lot of people into visiting the fake site.

We wouldn’t advise clicking on it.

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4. All Right — Stop, Mobile Index, and Listen

Google is back with a brand-new invention.

Well, not really. But Google did announce that instead of indexing desktop websites, it’s going to start indexing mobile sites.

This should come as no surprise, as people are using their phones to search much more than their desktop browsers or tablets. If your website is mobile responsive or a dynamic serving site, you shouldn’t have to change anything.

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5. Is It Truck Month?

The icon explains it all.

Is it Truck Month?

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6. Amazon Is Your Newest Sleazy Car Salesman

Viva la Fiat! Amazon has launched one-click shopping for Fiats in Italy. (Sorry, you can’t one-click and Prime ship a new vehicle to your house in the U.S. — yet.)

Amazon offers three Fiats for sale. Once you’ve bought, the site just asks you to choose the dealership where you’d like to pick up your new set of wheels.

While we wait for this innovation to hit the U.S., we’ll just watch the ex-Top Gear presenters in Amazon’s new original show, The Grand Tour.

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7. Facebook Is Full of Echo Chambers

After that “little” event happened at the beginning of November, people were noticing that they were seeing fewer posts about the opposite political party.

That’s not because all 900 of your closest Facebook friends happen to like the same party as you. It’s because Facebook (and other sites) are personalizing your news feeds with more of what you want to see — and less of what you don’t want to see.

That means the World Wide Web is becoming a smaller island web with only the content you want to see. Tunnel vision, anyone?

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Lexus Siracha IS

8. Butt Seriously, This Car Is on ?

Lexus came to the LA Auto Show with one hot car.

The Sriracha-inspired sedan was a custom ride from West Coast Customs, and it pushed the peach emoji to the side for some good butt jokes. There are cocks on the seat backs, a Sriracha air setting, and “Hot Handling” embroidered on the steering wheel.

We laughed, then went for burritos and Sriracha.

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9. I’d Like One Burrito — Drone Delivered, Please

Ever heard of Google X?

No, it’s not another evil twin of Google.com. It’s actually a division of Google that is devoted to finding solutions for the future.

This interview with Astro Teller, the face of Google X, offers a look into the area of Google that initiated self-driving cars, giant Internet-access balloons, and burrito-delivering drones. (We wonder how much gas these things pass?)

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That’s the best of what we found online in the last month. Butt, if you think we missed something (or if you have something more amazing than burrito-delivering drones), let us know!

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