Step Up Your ‘Gram Game with Swipe-Up Links

Step Up Your ‘Gram Game with Swipe-Up Links

I’m an Instagram junkie — almost embarrassingly so.

Of all the social media platforms, the good old ‘Gram is where I spend most of my time, catching up on everything from memes to fellow dreadheads to — I’m ashamed to admit — Dr. Pimple Popper. 🙈

But I’m not the only one.

Since its inception in 2010, Instagram has grown from a simple photo-sharing app with low-quality, over-edited photos to an all-encompassing conglomerate of professional photos, videos, “Stories” (basically the Instagram version of Snapchat), celebrity gossip, news updates, business branding, and more.

With one billion monthly active users, Instagram has opened up a world of opportunities for inspiration, sharing, and learning.

No matter who your customers are, they’re likely on Instagram — and hopefully your business is, too.

Should My Business Be on Instagram?

Does your business need to be on Instagram?

Yep. Here’s why:

If your business isn't on Instagram, it should be.

But once your business has an Instagram profile, then what? Where do you go from there?

First off, you need to start using Stories. Here are four things to know about Stories and how to set post one to your own account. ↓ 

The app has actually made it pretty easy for companies to get users from Instagram to your website by allowing you to include links in your Stories. Or — as I’ll call it — the “swipe-up.”

Adding “swipe-up” links to your Instagram Stories will help you drive traffic and sales. Here’s how.

What’s the “Swipe-Up”?

I’ll show you an example from my own feed:

Instagram Stories for Business

Here’s my news feed. The Stories at the top have been shared by both friends and businesses I follow.

I browsed through some of the Stories and came across this one:

Take Advantage of Instagram for Your Business

This looks like a normal photo to share on a Story — but do you see that “See More” arrow on the bottom? That’s it! That’s the “swipe-up”!

So, naturally, I swiped up.

Instagram for Business Swipe Up

And here I am . . . no longer on Instagram, but now on the Indy Brand website, viewing the exact shirt from the photo I saw on the app. Now, I can easily and quickly add it to my cart and make a purchase.

This is a perfect way for your business to get followers directly from the app to a product page.

Start with a reliable photo editing app (like Instasize) to create the most engaging Instagram Stories possible.

Then, by posting photos of products or services on your Story that link directly to your website, you’ll be making it so easy for your followers and potential customers to make a purchase.

Read Our 4 Tips for Awesome Instagram Stories →

How Do I Add Swipe-Up Links to My Stories?

There are a few basic requirements to meet before you can add swipe-up links to your Instagram Stories.

First of all, you must have an Instagram Business Account. You must also boost your Insta-game to reach at least 10,000 followers.

Once you’ve made that happen, you can start including swipe-up links in your Stories.

Since I have neither a business account nor 10,000 followers, I enlisted my friend Isaac over at Team 4Runner to share a step-by-step of this process. Here are the three basic steps:

Using links in your Instagram stories
Step 1: Choose your image, and select the link button at the top.
instagram screenshot
Step 2: Enter the URL where you want users to arrive.
Link your Instagram stories
Step 3: That’s it! Also, it doesn’t hurt to add text to your Story, encouraging users to “swipe up for more.”

Shoutout to Isaac for sharing these images! He tries to do this a few times a week on his Team 4Runner Instagram account, saying he finds it to be valuable and leads to more people taking action.

“When we release a new sale, new product, new blog post, or feature a 4Runner build, we always make it a priority to post on our Instagram Story, make it linkable to the correct location, and let the viewer know to ‘swipe up,’” Isaac says.

“We average over 4,000 impressions on most linked Stories and see a jump in website traffic each time, typically for the full 24 hours it is live and active. It has most certainly helped us gain extra traction on products, especially during peak hours of the day or week!”

 – Isaac from Team 4Runner

That’s a pretty big deal!

So, if you’re considering building a stronger Instagram presence for your business, stick with it, and be consistent. It’ll pay off.

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