[Case Study] How a Local Company Got 2 Featured Snippets on Google

[Case Study] How a Local Company Got 2 Featured Snippets on Google

INTEK Cleaning & Restoration, a company based here in Sioux Falls, faced a weird dilemma when looking through its search terms within Google Search Console.

While INTEK doesn’t make, sell, or even install sump pumps, it was regularly receiving clicks to its website from sump pump-related terms. But since the company does help those who have experienced flooding from backed-up sump pumps, we saw an opportunity to help educate those leads.

With the help of 9 Clouds, INTEK was able to write relevant content about sump pumps to boost its search engine optimization (SEO).

Those two blog posts quickly took off, gaining thousands of unique page views and even becoming featured snippets on Google search.

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Top 2 Benefits of Featured Snippets

Also known as “position zero,” a featured snippet is an immediate answer displayed at the top of a Google search results page.

By finding and relaying relevant information to people searching for sump pump answers, 9 Clouds created a customized SEO strategy that offered INTEK a chance at position zero — for not one, but two different blog posts.

There are two main reasons that getting a featured snippet is such a big deal.

1. Great SEO

Great SEO can lead to a featured snippet, and a featured snippet will further boost SEO. It’s a beautiful cycle.

Delving into Google Analytics and Search Console can help your company figure out what pages are bringing people to your website. You can then support those search terms and write relevant content (or fix current content) so you are getting relevant searches sent your way.

When you are able to organize your site, provide great content, and offer a seamless user experience, Google will reward you with higher placements in organic search (and even in Google Ads) — and, if you’re lucky, in a featured snippet!

2. Visibility

We get that not all of the traffic that comes to your site will actually buy your product. For instance, INTEK services only a certain radius around Sioux Falls, so for the most part, only Sioux Falls residents would actually schedule an INTEK service.

The key here is that if more people see your content and spend time on your site — no matter where they are coming from — Google will chalk it up as a good site. So for every person on the coast who clicks and reads INTEK’s feature snippet, a local search in Sioux Falls will provide results that are just as awesome.

A higher placement in search results means you are a step above the competition — literally and figuratively.

Read the Case Study on INTEK’s SEO Success

SEO can be daunting, but if you take the time to work on key pieces of your website, the new content you write will fall into place as well.

Check out our full case study to learn how INTEK Cleaning & Restoration won placement in two featured snippets thanks to great SEO.