INTEK Cleaning & Restoration Ranks Nationally on Google with Awesome SEO


The Challenge

INTEK Cleaning & Restoration in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, provides a multitude of home services, including water damage restoration. During a look into the Search Analytics section of INTEK’s Google Search Console, our team noted many people were coming to the site looking for information on sump pumps.

Even though INTEK doesn’t install or maintain sump pumps, people were looking to INTEK, as a water damage restoration business, for sump pump answers. 9 Clouds took this opportunity to provide inbound marketing education for INTEK’s customers.

How did the results pan out using 9 Clouds’ inbound marketing strategy?

The Solution

INTEK wanted to make sure any sump pump content we created would be relevant to its customers and their area of the country.

So 9 Clouds stepped in and researched sump pumps to help answer a few important questions that led locals to INTEK’s site, including the following search queries:

  • “Do I need a sump pump?”
  • “Do all basements have sump pumps?”
  • “Signs you need a sump pump”
  • “What is a sump pump used for?”

To address those important questions, the 9 Clouds team wrote a few blog posts, including “Do All Houses Have Sump Pumps?” and “Sump Pump: Do You Need One?”

The Results

Since publishing those two blog posts, we have tweaked the copy to keep them updated and relevant. And the work has paid off.

2 Featured Snippets on Google

With a high time on site, well-written copy, and proper keyword placement, both blog posts have become featured snippets on Google search for more than 30 sump pump-related keywords.

Featured snippets (sometimes known as position zero) are saved for the top-ranking organic links that answer questions or have quick responses. An average of 20% of searches offer a featured snippet — but even fewer websites rank for snippets. Google looks at many factors, including ranking and quality score, to deem a link worthy of position zero.

Featured snippets usually see a higher click-through rate than other search results, as well as a higher page view count than other similar pages on your site. Given this valuable real estate, 9 Clouds was ecstatic to help not one, but two INTEK blog posts become featured snippets.


Intek Case Study

13,000+ Unique Page Views

The “Sump Pump: Do I Need One?” blog post has increased time on site, unique page views, and keyword ranking exponentially since it was written in May 2015. It has received more than 10,775 unique page views and has one of the highest average times on page for the entire website.

The “Do All Houses Have Sump Pumps?” blog post has been uniquely viewed more than 2,500 times as well, with continued higher engagement than the rest of the blog. Both posts have the highest views and account for 40% of blog traffic since they were written.

With the addition of featured snippets, INTEK has seen increases in web traffic over 120% since May 2015. As of May 2018, 74% of traffic to these two posts accounted for entrances to the website from organic search.

All this extra exposure offers more opportunities for INTEK to reach — and close — new clients.

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