[Case Study] Get Better ROI with Digital Marketing Dollars

[Case Study] Get Better ROI with Digital Marketing Dollars

How do you track the return on investment (ROI) of a television ad? Can you accurately measure the results of a print marketing campaign?

These are questions that the marketing department members at a rural Chevy dealership were struggling with as they watched their traditional marketing budget grow — with limited details on their actual ROI.

And they’re certainly not alone. 

Our clients and the auto industry have shown over the past two years, proving ROI is the greatest marketing challenge for auto dealerships.

This challenge is what brought the Chevy dealership to work with 9 Clouds. The store wanted better ROI for its digital efforts.

In our latest case study, we highlight the partnership we developed in just three short months — and showcase the impact that a focus on digital marketing has had on the store’s results.

Read the full case study to see what inbound marketing can do for an auto dealership!