Benefits of the New AdWords Interface

Benefits of the New AdWords Interface

Raise your hand if you’re scared of change. 

Raise your other hand if you listen to directions in blog posts.

Raise the roof, winner! 

Immature trolling for the day: ✅

Now, for those of you who didn’t give up on me, here’s what we’re really focused on today: the changes happening in Google AdWords.

The user interface (UI) is slowly changing in AdWords, and Google says it’ll be available to everyone by the end of this year. Right now, you can still navigate back and forth between the UIs. But eventually, you’ll be transitioned to the new version for good.

It’s not all bad, even though change can be scary. Stick around to find out why you should push through the fear and hit that “Try the New AdWords” button.

Try the new AdWords? Umm, maybe later... | 9 Clouds

What’s New

There are actually a couple new features that are available only to users who take the plunge and use the new AdWords interface.

For one thing, promotion extensions are new. These allow you to set up specific offers within text ads.

This feature can be found under Ads & Extensions > Extensions > New Promotion Extension. The setup is very similar to previous extensions available in AdWords.

new AdWords interface - promotion extensions | 9 Clouds

You can also now use household income reporting and targeting through the new AdWords interface. This feature allows you to track how your campaigns perform in individual household income segments.

In the UI you’re probably too nervous to leave, you can only apply household income targets through location targeting. The new interface opens this up.

New AdWords interface - household targeting | 9 Clouds

What’s Coming

These changes in the new UI aren’t the only updates Google is planning to make.

The company also plans to add landing page performance insights. Similar to existing reporting available on keywords and ads, this data will help you optimize the performance of the pages where your ads land.

Marketers can also expect to see Google Attribution implemented in the new AdWords.

This free product (which came up at 2017’s Google Marketing Next conference) will help marketers determine where credit is due throughout the sales funnel, instead of relying solely on last-click attribution.

Google Attribution will undoubtedly be a huge help for businesses in answering that longstanding question of “Is this providing ROI?”

What We Do

Does this all seem a little . . . overwhelming?

Change is tough, yes. But are you unsure what to do with AdWords, no matter what interface you’re looking at?

Reach out to our team. We spend our days learning about these changes and quirks in the system, so you don’t have to!

9 Clouds even offers a free digital marketing audit, which will show you the areas of greatest opportunity on your website.

Even if you don’t work with us, the digital audit will give you a little insight into where your next step should be — with AdWords and beyond.