[Case Study] No Co-op? No Problem. GM Dealer Sees Huge Results from Digital Partnership

Chavez Buick GMC is a new and used dealership located in Indio, CA. Owner Jason Chavez came to 9 Clouds because he was looking for one agency to take over all digital marketing and to “push the dealership forward.”

They had done some digital advertising in the past and wanted to increase their presence on Google, Facebook, and in email marketing.


As a General Motors dealer, Jason had limited options in regards to co-op approved vendors due to the 2018 GM co-op changes — just 13 vendors, to be exact. 

He wanted quality digital marketing and a team he could trust. He had two options:

  • Work with one of the 13 approved vendors. Receive boilerplate content that’s used across the 4,000-plus GM dealerships using the same 13 vendors, but get iMR reimbursements through GM co-op.
  • Work with an “outside” agency, such as 9 Clouds, to receive custom digital marketing and an attentive, dedicated small team of experts. Take a pass on co-op eligibility for those marketing campaigns. 

Any business owner knows that every dollar counts — especially when those original equipment manufacturer (OEM) reimbursements can add up to a lot of dollars.

Yet, Jason went with 9 Clouds.


Jason was strategic with his marketing budget by taking advantage of the GM co-op offerings where he could — GM’s Digital Dealer Solution program covers not only digital advertising, but also vehicle images on websites, call tracking, reputation management, and chat or trade-in tools. 

By generating co-op funds in these areas, Jason had enough left over in his marketing budget to allocate toward a 9 Clouds marketing partnership. 

“While co-op funds are important, results are more important. I was able to find co-op match services in the places I felt were being productive to maximize the match, but also took control of my digital spend in way I felt the co-op approved vendors could not do.”

Jason Chavez, Chavez Buick GMC

9 Clouds hopped in the driver’s seat with Chavez Buick GMC to provide a custom marketing package with the following services:


While it may have been easier to simply go with a GM-approved vendor for automotive digital marketing services, Jason certainly made the more strategic choice by partnering with 9 Clouds. 

Chavez Buick GMC saw a 16.84% increase in Internet leads in the first six months of working with 9 Clouds compared to the six month period prior to working with 9 Clouds.

But, 9 Clouds didn’t just deliver leads — our team delivered quality leads. That increase in Internet leads was further topped by a 121.8% increase in Internet lead conversions.

Between Facebook and Google ads services from 9 Clouds, Chavez Buick GMC had more than 2.6 million digital ad impressions to in-market shoppers in the first six months of the 9 Clouds partnership.

“9 Clouds gave me the personalized service and dedication I didn’t think the other co-op approved companies were offering. I look to the team as my partners; I’m not just another GM client.”

Jason Chavez, Chavez Buick GMC

Get Creative with Co-op for Auto Dealers

GM auto dealers, you don’t have to use a turnkey marketing vendor for your digital marketing. 

Depending on how much iMR funding you’re claiming and the marketing goals of your dealership, you can work with outside vendors such as 9 Clouds. With customized packages suited to fit your brand and goals, you’ll be on track to surge ahead of your competition online.

Whether you’re a General Motors dealer or any other auto brand, learn more about how 9 Clouds can help you be strategic with your budget and deliver results. Request your free marketing proposal today.

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