Midwest Dealerships Create a Unified Message Across All Marketing Channels

Eide - Mailer Case Study

The Challenge

North Dakota dealerships Eide Ford and Eide Chrysler started with 9 Clouds in 2014 and 2017, respectively, to create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy as a way to supplement their traditional marketing efforts.

In 2018, the Eide stores began sending personalized trade-in vouchers through direct mail to past customers. In addition to these occasional direct mail sends, Eide wanted to reach their past customers with this unified message across all of their marketing channels — including digital efforts from 9 Clouds.

The Solution

9 Clouds teamed up with Eide’s direct mail provider to reach out to those customers who had received mailings. After gathering personalized data, we sent each customer on the list an email that matched the physical mail they had received a few days prior.

Like the direct mail, the email was personalized to each customer with their name, trade-in model, and specific trade-in value. By working together, the direct mail provider and 9 Clouds were able to send the same message with cohesive design across both digital and traditional channels.

But the campaign didn’t stop there. Thanks to Eide’s Facebook efforts with 9 Clouds, customers who reached a vehicle detail page (VDP) via the marketing email were then qualified to be shown a dynamic retargeting ad on Facebook.

Eide and 9 Clouds have continued this cross-channel marketing strategy whenever the dealership sends out the occasional direct mail. For Eide, that means their marketing dollars are spent on a unified message with one goal across all marketing channels. For Eide’s customers, that means they receive one clear message and have the opportunity to qualify themselves further by engaging with our email marketing and Facebook campaigns.

The Results

Eide Ford and Eide Chrysler have achieved a consistently well-rounded marketing strategy, as they see the value and ROI in combining traditional marketing with a full-service package from 9 Clouds.

Over the course of a year, Eide’s direct-mail support emails each contributed to:

  • An average open rate of 30.14% 
  • An average click-through rate of 12%
  • An average of 125 visitors to their website

Remember that email recipients who viewed a VDP were then qualified to see Eide’s dynamic retargeting ads on Facebook. During the time frames in which direct-mail support emails were sent, Eide’s dynamic retargeting ads resulted in:

  • An average of 26 offline leads
  • An average of nine offline purchases
  • An average CPC of $0.67

While many avenues feed into dynamic retargeting ads — such as top-of-the-funnel Facebook ads, organic site traffic and social posting, and other emails — these direct mailings and supporting email campaigns are one way that the Eide stores have seen success with a comprehensive marketing strategy. In fact, they’re two of the top stores in their region.

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