Menholt Auto Group Enjoys Long-Term Digital Marketing Success for All Stores


The Challenge

The Menholt Auto Group is a nine rooftop group in the mountain west, including locations in Montana, Wyoming, and Oregon. Their stores are located in cities as varied as rural locations like Cody, WY to urban university centers like Bozeman, MT.

The Menholt Auto Group originally worked with 9 Clouds because every store was pursuing different strategies online with a variety of vendors. They knew they could have better success at a lower cost with a single-vendor providing a unified strategy. 

The Solution

9 Clouds provides comprehensive digital marketing for the Menholt Auto Group, including:

  • Lead tracking and digital strategy
  • Email marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Content marketing through blogs and landing pages
  • Search and social media ads
  • Social media support
  • Reputation management
  • Text message marketing
  • Co-op submission

Every month, 9 Clouds meets with each general manager and provides results from the previous month and suggestions for the upcoming month. These meetings are in conjunction with their traditional media partner, Nichols Media, so the digital and traditional marketing efforts are integrated and supportive of one another.

Each rooftop receives custom marketing based on their unique markets, specials, and inventory. 9 Clouds also use their local community involvement to improve their digital reach and have helped with other needs as they arise, such as employment openings, domain management and assisting with other vendors such as website providers.

The Results

The Menholt Auto Group is a true partner with 9 Clouds, meaning every general manager talks with the 9 Clouds team to fit their marketing to what they need instead of trying to fit what they need into a pre-designed marketing package.

The long-term relationship has led to strong marketing results over the past two years, including an increase in:

  • Web traffic 31%
  • Email referrals 208%
  • Social referrals 233%
  • Organic traffic 14%
  • Google reviews 46%

Deeper results are also seen on metrics that reflect improvement in both marketing and the dealership’s sales process. Across the group, these results include:

  • Growing the number of leads with email addresses 43%
  • Increasing the percentage of leads from digital marketing to 20%
  • Improving the conversion of digital leads to 9.3%

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