[Case Study] RV Dealer Finds Big Results with Facebook Inventory Catalog

The Challenge

In 2018, nearly 500,000 recreational vehicles (RVs) were manufactured in the U.S., supplying a demand that has been growing year over year since 2010.

This nearly decade-long increase in RV ownership created a competitive market for Bullyan RV, a family-owned dealership located in Duluth, Minnesota. Bullyan carries a wide variety of products, including several types of campers, motor homes, fish houses, and modified Jeep Wranglers.

Bullyan approached 9 Clouds with a desire to increase its reach on Facebook. The management also wanted to gain insight into the effect of Facebook advertising on its leads and sales numbers.

RV Marketing

The Solution

To help Bullyan RV get in front of more shoppers on Facebook, 9 Clouds integrated its inventory feed with Cumulus from 9 Clouds. By connecting with Bullyan’s product feed, Cumulus lists the RVs in a dynamic product catalog within Facebook Business Manager.

The benefit of deploying Cumulus to market RVs on Facebook allows Bullyan to automatically insert its inventory to Facebook ads. Plus, integrating the Facebook pixel allows Bullyan to run dynamic retargeting ads, which show Facebook users the exact RVs they shopped on Bullyan’s website.

With Cumulus deployed by 9 Clouds, Bullyan’s inventory can be featured squarely in front of active shoppers in multiple areas of the Facebook ecosystem.


The Results

Marketing for RVs case study

After just five months of using Cumulus, Bullyan RV successfully retargeted on Facebook 3,929 active shoppers in the Duluth market. In these dynamic retargeting ads, shoppers were shown the exact RVs they had viewed during their visits to BullyanRVs.com.

An example of the dynamic retargeting ads powered by Cumulus.

Using attribution from the Offline Events tool within Facebook, we found that these ads accounted for 107 offline leads and 52 offline purchases. That’s an average of more than 20 leads and 10 sales per month — all from one campaign administered by 9 Clouds.

These dynamic campaigns performed with remarkable efficiency, achieving an average of just $0.16 per click.

With 9 Clouds, Bullyan RV was able to expand its digital reach, engage more shoppers over time, and also see the effect of Facebook ads on the store’s bottom line.

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