[Case Study] Adapting Marketing Strategies to Changing Business Needs for Global Commercial Furnishings

Working with 9 Clouds means you get a valuable digital strategy that grows and changes with the unique needs of your business.

While many digital agencies skim profits off of unpredictably hourly bills and unclear expectations, the best marketing services are tailored to make the most impact without sacrificing efficiency.

For Global Commercial Furnishings (GCF), a Florida-based preeminent provider of furniture and millwork supporting automotive retailers, 9 Clouds built a valuable formula for online success. 

As opposed to cookie-cutter strategies that just go through the motions month by month, 9 Clouds listened to the needs of GCF and prescribed their online package for the specific needs of their growing list of products. 

This tailored approach allowed GCF to achieve important objectives in its sales goals while also not breaking the bank with unnecessary services. 

As with any B2B industry, time is short, and vendors are plenty. The revolving door of digital help can be confusing and exhausting.

But for GCF, digital help came easy with integrated services from 9 Clouds.

The Challenge

Specializing in auto dealership interiors, GCF is always looking to provide the highest quality products which support customer and employee satisfaction for its clients. 

To get more traffic on its website, GCF tapped 9 Clouds to provide professional advertising campaigns on LinkedIn, where many of its clients spend time networking and managing resources. 

“LinkedIn ads were a great strategy because that’s where the professional contacts are,” said 9 Clouds Account Manager Jaden Miller. “We started there so that they could get a good base of attention from the right people in their market.”

After a few months of running B2B digital advertising campaigns, Global Commercial Furnishings established a new relationship with a company which provides a professional air purification product for commercial spaces. 

“Especially in the time of COVID-19, this was a big development for GCF, and they needed to adapt their marketing strategy to let their market know about the product, but also generate leads for it,” said Miller.

After their website was optimized for search engines, and after seeing a spike in online interest for air purification, 9 Clouds and GCF began looking for other solutions to reach more B2B leads in the U.S.

The Solution

With the challenge at-hand, 9 Clouds suggested an adjustment to GCF’s digital marketing package: building out the website with information about the new product to prepare for more ads. 

Adapting marketing strategies meant shifting the focus from digital advertising to the website. This allowed 9 Clouds to clearly manage expectations with GCF, while not increasing the cost of their monthly digital marketing retainer. 

“This is one of the things that makes 9 Clouds unique,” said Miller. “Not all agencies or vendors provide this flexibility — especially not on short notice.”

Building the landing page for a new product effectively replaced the LinkedIn advertising campaign. Doing so allowed GCF to put its best foot forward with a new product in the following month. 

Because GCF also needed a new customer relationship management (CRM) system, 9 Clouds recommended HubSpot. After GCF’s new HubSpot account was up and running, 9 Clouds provided GCF a series of training sessions to familiarize them with the tools and features. 

The Results

In the first three months, our services resulted in increases on several key areas of their marketing strategy:

  • LinkedIn Ads: In just three months, the number of monthly website visitors from GCF’s LinkedIn advertisements increased by 297.44%. 
  • Monthly service page visits, a key conversion point on their website, increased by 47%.
  • In HubSpot, GCF has now organized the contact information and records for more than 6,500 known contacts in their market. 

9 Clouds services go beyond the click. Thanks to the training our team was able to provide for GCF, they now are in a good position to confidently deploy email marketing, forms, call-to-action buttons, and many more marketing tools. 

Throughout our time together, our team has also improved or created important pages on their website. These changes improved the quality of traffic on their site, boosting the average time on page from 1:06 up to 1:51 in just three months. 

Ready for Your Own Results? 

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