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New to 9 Clouds? Just starting with digital technology, marketing a business or growing a community? Welcome! You've come to the right place.

At 9 Clouds we provide our fellow “digital homesteaders” with resources and inspiration. The best part, it's all free. The challenge, there's a lot of it.

This is the order we recommend. Feel free to jump to the topics that interest you most. Take your time and master one skill at a time. You'll soon build your homestead into a successful business and community.

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Book: We know navigating social media is difficult. We answer questions about it all day. We wrote a book called Navigating Social Media: A Field Guide. It provides strategy and tactics on using social media for business.

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Still there? Great! Start with strategy:

Trying to build your business? Read: 3 Ways to Build an Audience with Time, How to Feed Your Ecosystem with Whale Poop. Then view our business archives.

Trying to build your community? Listen: Imagination DifferentiationChris Guillebeau's Micro-Business Revolution. Read: How to Save a Community, The Creative Capital of South Dakota, Fill a Room Not a List, Two Ways to Show Up and Give Your Best Effort, Three Reasons Great Ideas are Stopped. Then view our community archives.

Trying to improve your marketing? Read: The Essential Guide to Internet Marketing [whitepaper]What a Machete Attack Can Teach You About Storytelling, Two Marketing Lessons from Pirates, Six Lessons From Marketing the Moon. Then view our marketing archives.

Then dive into tactics for your website:

Master Google. Read: How to Set Up Google Authorship, The Impact of Adwords Updates, Three Ways to Boost Your Business with Adwords Enhanced Campaigns. Then view our Google archives.

Master Email. Read: The Complete Guide to Email Marketing [ebook], How to Choose the Right Email Marketing Platform, Building Your Email List, 10 Steps to Boost Your Email Marketing Strategy, Sending Emails: Keys to Deliverability. Then view our email archives.

Master SEO/SEM. Read: Learning SEO from the Experts [ebook]Six Tools to Boost Your SEO, Boost Search Engine Optimization with Browser Add-Ons. Then view our SEO/SEM archives.

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Finally, look at tactics for social media:

Master Facebook. Read: How to Turn Facebook Fans into Paying Customers [ebook], Who Should Use Facebook?, How to Use Facebook Business Pages, What to Post When to Post and How to Engage on Facebook, Test Your Ads with Facebook Dark Posts. Then view our Facebook archives and connect on Facebook.

Master Twitter. Read: Attract Customers with Twitter [ebook], Who Should Use Twitter?, How to Connect on Twitter, Growing Your Business with Twitter. Then view our Twitter archives and connect on Twitter.

Master LinkedIn. Read: The Complete Guide to LinkedIn [ebook], Increasing B2B Sales with LinkedIn, LinkedIn: The Power of Connectivity, Company Pages on LinkedIn. Then view our LinkedIn archives and connect on LinkedIn.

Master Pinterest. Read: Marketing with Pinterest [Whitepaper], Advanced Marketing with Pinterest [Whitepaper], 5 Ways to Use Pinterest Place Pins for Business6 Ways Architects Can Use Pinterest. Then view our Pinterest archives and connect on Pinterest.

Master YouTube. Read: Why YouTube's One Channel is Good for Marketers, Navigating Social Media Infographic. Then view our YouTube archives and subscribe to our channel on YouTube.

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