[Roundup] February Was Fast, But We Didn’t Miss a Thing!

[Roundup] February Was Fast, But We Didn’t Miss a Thing!

Not surprisingly, the shortest month of the year was exactly that. February flew by!

Full disclosure — I think February is stupid. It’s cold and it’s boring and I’m glad it passed so quickly. (It can only get warmer from here!) 

But despite the past few weeks being a whirlwind, our team managed to stay on top of everything happening in the digital world.

Here are nine things we learned in February 2018!

1. There’s a Car in Space, Guys

SpaceX boosters land | Innovation and creativity at 9 Clouds

What? Why?!

That was my reaction when John starting setting up the office TV for the SpaceX launch. Personally, I don’t quite understand why this amazing and historic event happened — but it was pretty dang cool.

We all took a break from work to watch this incredible moment together and marvel at what humans are capable of.

So much is possible with some innovation and creativity!

Try something unexpected »

2. The Winter Games Happened

I’d like to introduce you all to 9 Clouds’ very own Winter Games connoisseur, Jacquelyn. I’ve asked her to write this next paragraph because I know nothing about this enormously popular, worldwide, big-deal event.

“Jacquelyn?” [Hands the mic to Jacquelyn]

“Thanks, Jaden.”

From Shaun White’s epic redemption snowboarding run on the halfpipe to the USA women’s hockey team shootout victory against the rival Canadians, this year’s Winter Games had us cheering on our feet (and sleepily on our couches).

Not everyone was watching the Games on television this year, as 35% of fans reported watching the events online. The average Games fanatic spent an average of two hours and 24 minutes on Facebook tracking the results, athlete interviews, and more!

Travel (digitally) to PyeongChang »

3. Integrate Facebook Messenger on Your Site

As it continues to find ways to streamline the relationship between business and customer, Facebook Messenger has introduced a chat plugin that allows businesses to integrate Messenger into their websites.

The plugin — currently in open beta — is a smart way to create an efficient, single chat experience for customers.

Learn about Messenger’s chat plugin »

4. We’re Writing a Book!

Don't miss our Facebook Ad Field Guide!

Digital marketing is always changing. In addition to keeping ourselves up to Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 5.29.05 PMdate, we want to keep you in the know, too.

Our Facebook ad field guide for auto dealers will be ready soon, and with it comes our tips for creating the best Facebook advertising strategy for your dealership.

We also share some of our favorite and most successful ad campaign recipes!

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5. A New Google Chrome Browser

Consumers are increasingly frustrated by overly intrusive ads that interrupt their online experience. (That’s why we believe that inbound marketing and knowing your audience are so valuable!)

Google launched a new version of the Chrome web browser this past month, which includes an ad blocker. What does this mean for online marketers? 

The standards for this ad blocker are set by the Coalition for Better Ads, whose goal is “to work with publishers and advertisers to create a customer-centric browsing experience.”

Learn more about the new Google Chrome ad blocker »

6. Say Hey to Pat!

It's Pat!

Every once in a while, our growing workloads necessitate a new hire. This past month, Pat joined the 9 Clouds team as a project manager, taking over my role as the newest employee.

He’s pretty cool. And smart, too — so we think he’s a good fit!

7. Later, Twitter Bots

Twitter has taken some heat in recent years for being a potential source of misleading information. The platform recently responded by removing automated accounts.

This effort includes asking users to identify themselves as “real” by providing their phone numbers. This safety move is part of the bigger political picture of weeding out accounts that may be attached to Russian propaganda efforts.

Get the scoop on the Twitter “Lock Out” »

8. Combat Fake Negative Reviews

If you have a small business, you know that your online reviews are important in building and maintaining your reputation. That includes the negative reviews, too; they’ll help you identify areas of potential growth to provide a better customer experience.

But what happens when you receive fake negative reviews on Google?

The search engine has policies for user reviews, but it doesn’t catch all the violations. So, where does that leave you?

Learn how to deal with fake Google reviews »

9. Some Local Online Fun

Zombies in Sioux Falls

If you’re not from the Sioux Falls area (our home base here at 9C), you’re likely unaware that our city’s mayoral race has been well underway for a few months.

One of the candidates has made a unique statement by creating an allegorical campaign music video about zombies taking over city hall.

It’s . . . interesting. Enjoy.

(This is in no way an endorsement for any candidate — we’re just sharing the fun!)

Watch the Sioux Falls zombie music video »

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