Marketing Like a Coffee Shop: Why We Offer Quality, Niche Services

Marketing Like a Coffee Shop: Why We Offer Quality, Niche Services

In order to be really good at what you do, you have to invest the time. You have to become an expert of sorts.

Then, because you are an expert, you can promise results that aren’t just, “Well, it’s maybe better than what you had before.” Because you’re good at what you do, you can guarantee awesome results.

Deep-diving into a subject is an incredibly important part of providing a niche service — kind of like serving a quality cup of coffee.

Why Coffee and Niche Marketing Are Soul Sisters

Coffea Roasterie is a coffee shop based out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where I served as a barista for a little more than three years. Being a barista is a skill set I was extremely proud to gain — because, well, it’s not easy!

For example: did you know that when you grind coffee finer, the water slows down, and that’s why extraction takes longer? So, if your espresso isn’t pulling fast enough, you can make the coffee molecules bigger by grinding it coarser, and then your shot will pull faster. That one concept took 15 minutes of explanation by Coffea’s CEO, Brian Kegley, in order for it to make sense to me.

All of that means that when you walk into Coffea and order a drink, you can be pretty damn sure that it’s going to be amazing. Because the folks working behind the bar have been highly trained to make your cup of coffee well crafted and extra delicious.

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À La Carte or Finessed and Fussed Over?

Coffea is (admittedly) not a good fit for every caffeine fiend out there. It’s not the kind of place where you can walk in and demand a triple-shot, half-caf, extra-whip, double-blended, five-pump grande cinnamon dolce iced latte (I worked at Starbucks at one point too) —because that sort of thing just isn’t on the menu. Some people really would rather drink a latte that they’ve personalized down to how many pumps of flavor there are.

Which is totally fine, BTW. Starbucks provides a great service for folks who want that sort of à la carte coffee experience. But if you want a coffee drink that’s finessed and fussed over by a handful of experts, then head to Coffea.

Similarly, if you’d like a highly specialized team to finesse and fuss over your online inbound marketing, 9 Clouds could be a great fit for you.

How We Approach Marketing Like a Coffee Shop

Every idea is expressed better with an illustration, right? So let’s walk through this niche marketing idea just like you’d walk through the ordering process at Coffea.

Hello, What Can I Get for You?”

This is the probably most formal greeting you’ll get from someone at the register.

I’ve gotten away with anything from, “What sounds good today?” to “Want another one?” The point is, you walked in because you have a need — for caffeine, a place to hang out, or maybe a sweet afternoon treat — that you’d like Coffea to fulfill. The most important thing to note is that you need to have some idea of what it’ll take to fill that hole in your stomach.

When you come to 9 Clouds, it helps to have a clear goal in mind. For example, do you want to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) or your email marketing? What are your key performance indicators (KPIs)? If you know what you’d like to accomplish, we can better figure out if we’re a good fit for each other!

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“I Can’t Make That for You, but I Can…”

This one is pretty common at Coffea. I can’t tell you how many times someone has walked in and said, “I’d like a caramel macchiato,” and (since that’s not on the menu) I’ve redirected the conversation with a simple, “I could make you a caramel latte if you’d like! It’s made with homemade caramel, and it’s really yummy.”

To some folks, deviating from the menu doesn’t seem like that big of a deal! But it is, for a simple reason: if you want something that Coffea doesn’t make regularly, they can’t guarantee that it’ll actually taste good.

And if you want a service that 9 Clouds doesn’t normally offer, we can’t guarantee it’ll be effective for your needs. So we’re going to be honest about that. We’re not afraid to try new things, but we also want to do the most good for whomever we’re working with, which means sticking to our four core services.

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“If You Don’t Like It, I Can Make You Something Else!”

You would be surprised how many times someone has been hesitant to try something new — but when there’s a guarantee of having a do-over if the first attempt isn’t quite right, they’re down to branch out! Equally as surprising is how often someone actually really likes the drink you suggest for them.

But see, not everyone is going to like everything on the menu, and that’s just fine. Coffea is, again, a good fit for most people — but not everyone. They’re upfront and honest about what they offer and why they offer it, so you really love them instead of just tolerate them.

Likewise, 9 Clouds isn’t for everyone, and we’re okay with that! There’s a chance you won’t need our services, or you’re really looking for something else. We’ll be upfront and honest with you because we’d rather have you really love working with us rather than just kind of like doing so.

Thinking about getting started with 9 Clouds? Cool! Let’s find out if we’re a good fit for each other!

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