My First Week at 9 Clouds: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

My First Week at 9 Clouds: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

When I left my job to come to 9 Clouds, I had two days (and a weekend) between my last day at the old office and my first day at the new one. 

Two days. 

I found myself waking up on the first day away from work feeling lost and disconnected.

The routine I’d followed for three years had been disrupted, and I was between jobs, so I couldn’t do any actual work. Instead, I was flooded with a sense of change and discomfort because I wouldn’t be able to “contribute to society” as I had been. 

(That’s called burnout, if you’re wondering.)

And Soon Came the First Day

I was greeted that first morning with choruses of “Hello!” and the genuine smiles of strangers being glad to see me. After I got settled in, the first meeting of my day was to get me set up and familiar with the software and technology that’s used in the office. 

Then we got to the topic of vulnerability

In the workplace? This was new to me.

But as the conversation continued, I started to understand. 9 Clouds is a place that values people, period. This company prioritizes mental health and wants you to be vocal about the times when you need support — in both your work life and your personal life.

I realized I was in a place that cared about quality over quantity. 9 Clouds is full of passionate people who want to see you succeed in everything you do. I was in a place where time management is supported by reasonable workloads, where “open communication” really means open communication, and where people have fun at work.

A Change of Pace

That first week, I had to learn to take my time with things. 

I had to learn to slow down and be an active participant in the work I do, instead of rushing through projects to meet content quotas. 

I learned about the value of doing work intentionally and how intention blends with skill to create amazing results (like the work we do for our clients). 

This incredible team of people has developed an effortless, streamlined process for creating content and supporting both clients and employees. Deadlines are realistic and achievable, you’re trusted to do exactly what you need to do, and no question is a stupid question, so you’ve got support through the whole process.

Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes I have to be reminded that there’s no race to win and I’m not getting rewarded for being the fastest. Old habits die hard. 

But the level of support that I have received in my first week with 9 Clouds is the same level of support that I’ll get on my 500th day here. And I don’t think I’ll be looking back anytime soon.

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