Measuring SEO Success with Google Analytics for Auto Marketers

Measuring SEO Success with Google Analytics for Auto Marketers

Google Analytics for auto marketers is where it’s at for inbound marketing.

A true marketing plan isn’t successful without tracking, measuring, and altering your course. If you’re consistently sending out messaging into the universe, how do you tell if your messaging is successful?

Go with your gut? Hopefully not.

Why Google Analytics for Auto Marketers?

My experiences in marketing have shown me how easy it is for clients — and even ourselves — to get in a rut. You realize you’re in a rut when someone asks, “Why do you do thing X?” and your only answer is “Because that’s how we’ve always done it.”


Google Analytics keeps accountability top of mind. You can watch for traffic patterns on your website and establish a baseline to start making changes to it: keeping your content fresh, building strong cornerstone content, and maybe even altering some design.

Google Analytics facilitates smarter, more data-driven decision-making. Less gut.

You’ll find a lot of video tutorials online — like the one below, which is a quick introduction to Analytics.

Getting Started with Automotive Analytics

Getting Google Analytics set up is the easy part. There’s a decent amount of help available on their site, but it’s a fairly easy process:

  1. Create an Analytics account here.
  2. In your new account, set up a property.
  3. Set up your tracking code.

One of my favorite things about Google Analytics is that it’s free. The only cost you have to take into consideration is the cost of your time, as there are a lot of great resources available to get lost in.

Google also has an entire YouTube channel devoted to educating you about Google Analytics. Yes — also free.

What to Watch

You could easily spend the rest of your life in Google Analytics for auto marketers. I don’t recommend it, unless you’re that special kind of crazy.

What you can do though, is get a tried and true list of what to watch for. After you’ve let your Analytics account build up some data, it’s time to analyze it.

Google Analytics for automotive marketers

Beginner Dashboard Metrics to Start With

  1. Sessions: The number of website visits made by users
  2. Pageviews: The number of website pages they visited
  3. Users: The number of people who viewed your site
  4. Avg. Session Duration: The average time spent by a user on your website
  5. Bounce Rate: The percentage of visitors who navigated away from your site after viewing only one page

All of these metrics come together in a cohesive fashion. Sessions, Pageviews, and Users all give you an clear idea of where your audience is. How many people know you exist in your market? How many times do they visit your site to learn about your offerings?

Avg. Session Duration and Bounce Rate let you know how long your audience wants to stay and learn. Is your content relevant? Do people stay on the page and read? Do they go to more than one page or bounce off that first one?

Pulling these Google Analytics metrics together will help you establish a working baseline and allow you to learn more about your customers — including what their relationships are like with your products.

Next Steps

Looking to delve deeper into automotive analytics?

Reach out to us about our marketing consultation services. We love analytics for auto marketers and know it well.