How to Be an Email Marketing Sharpshooter for Your Dealership

How to Be an Email Marketing Sharpshooter for Your Dealership

I’ve got companies sending me daily emails that I haven’t opened for weeks. When I finally do, it’ll probably be to unsubscribe.

Everyone’s inbox seems more cluttered than ever. So how do you cut through and make your message heard?

You need to be an email sharpshooter. And that’s exactly what we covered in our email marketing webinar.

Why Email Marketing Matters

Marketers and dealers spend a lot of time, effort, and money to get contact information from their leads. But if that website visitor you converted isn’t quite ready to stop by your showroom, how do you engage them in the meantime?

With highly targeted emails sent to segments of your database, you can entice and appeal to only the contacts for whom an offer is most relevant. Instead of blasting 10,000 inboxes with your monthly incentives, you can reach out to only the several hundred interested in the exact model that has a great lease offer.

Plus, email makes it easy for your leads to take the next step. They can:

  • Click your clear call-to-action (CTA) button (usually a link to your inventory or other relevant landing page)
  • Reply back with a question
  • Call a phone number in the signature
  • Unsubscribe

Don’t sleep on that last one as a good option. When you’re sending highly targeted emails, and someone says, “No thanks,” it’s likely that they’re simply no longer a good place to focus your efforts — not that you annoyed them past their breaking point.

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Why Email Automation Matters

Now, customizing the email experience for each of your thousands of contacts isn’t practical. You can’t curate individual emails for allyour leads at the marketing stage.

That’s where email automation platforms, like HubSpot, come into play.

Using HubSpot, you can launch your monthly emails to the exact right contacts using segmented lists that update as new information comes in from your CRM.

On top of that, you can have different emails trigger automatically when contacts meet certain criteria, like viewing a certain number of F-150 pages, filling out a form, or purchasing a vehicle.

There’s an incredible amount of customization and control with email automation. We’re broke down what that means for your store in our webinar.

We covered the best email building strategies, how to leverage lead tracking in your email marketing campaigns, and the best way for you to get started next month.

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