Holiday Auto Marketing: A Dealership’s Guide to Giving

Holiday Auto Marketing: A Dealership’s Guide to Giving

Would you buy the same gift for all your relatives and friends?

I’m guessing your answer is no.

It’s good to give any type of gift during this time of year, but personalizing the gesture by getting to know your audience makes for a more engaging experience.

The same is true for your holiday auto marketing strategy. In order to grasp the attention of leads, it’s good to deliver the right messages to an audience who cares.

During this time of year, people are especially receptive to uplifting messages and stories about doing good for local communities. That’s why we’re encouraging your auto dealership to share your social responsibilities and local charitable donations with your following.

To help, we’ve come up with a few joyful content ideas you can use to decorate your holiday auto marketing. Read on, and unwrap these content marketing ideas for this special time of year.

Top 3 Holiday Auto Marketing Ideas for Your Dealership

Here are a few ornaments of holly-jolly content for your auto dealership to use during the holiday season.

1. Pick a Charity to Support, and Spread the Word

Select a local charity that is near and dear to your dealership’s heart, and share your support online.

By spreading awareness for an important cause and how you’re contributing to make a difference, you let your following know you care about the community. This develops trust and creates a positive impression of your dealership.

Plus, by getting to know your community, you build relationships and learn more about your potential customers.

2. Organize a Food Bank or Clothing Drop-off, and Ask for Donations

Low-income families and the homeless community have two major needs: food and clothing.

Collect cash and nonperishable food items from your community to give to a local food bank. To find one in your area, use this database of national food banks, and contact your local community members for assistance.

You can also facilitate a clothing drop-off, and accept local donations like gently used clothing and coats for families in need.

Asking for donations will bring potential customers right to your storefront. It’s a great way to generate new leads!

3. Sponsor a Local Event

Having your dealership sponsor a local event gets your store’s name out to the public. Plus, writing about the sponsorship on your blog and using local keywords is excellent fodder for search engines to discover your content.

A local event facility’s website may even link back to your auto dealership’s website — greatly improving your local SEO through the practice of link building!

Decorate Your Holiday Auto Marketing

Depending on which social responsibility outlet you choose, you should definitely share your efforts on social media channels. People will definitely “like” what they see. It’s an ideal opportunity for you to create new connections and invite current fans and followers to engage with your content.

A great way to spread your dealership’s messages is with Facebook advertising. Download An Auto Dealer’s Guide to Mastering Facebook to learn how to create strategies, use tools, target leads, and more. It’s our gift to you!