“Do I Need More Leads?” | Addressing Your Automotive Sales Conversion

“Do I Need More Leads?” | Addressing Your Automotive Sales Conversion

You’re frustrated. You’re not getting the numbers you want for your car sales, and you think your sales funnel might be more backed up than a clogged drain.

So what’s wrong with your data?

In automotive marketing, it’s easy to assume that the problem lies in your contacts. Am I getting the type of leads I need? What can I do to increase the number of people who are coming to my website?

However, the issue may not be your leads — it may be your sales conversion.

You might not have any trouble getting people into your dealership, but you might be struggling with how to close the deal on a sale. The dynamic between marketing and sales blurs the line between these two issues time and time again.

Finding a solution to this problem is like trying to find a cure for the common cold — it’s a setback that you just want to tackle. Let’s take a look at the two main ways to convert your sales with efficiency.

1. Starting the Conversation Early

Making the most out of the buyer’s journey for auto sales starts with challenging the old ways of doing things. How exactly do you go about that, though?

According to Leslie Ye of HubSpot, one of the best ways to convert sales is by starting the conversation early.

Converting the sale doesn’t start once the customer arrives at your dealership; it starts when the customer first begins their buying process. Starting the conversation with them earlier allows you to find out what the customer is looking for way before they come to your store.

Think of it like taking an exam. Almost every time, you will perform better when you know the material ahead of time than when you don’t.

If your marketing department knows what your leads are asking for throughout the conversation process, the sales conversion starts to take form. Starting the conversation early means being proactive about taking down phone numbers, sending follow-up emails, and doing your research on the demographics of people who are interested in your vehicles.

All of this preparation makes it easier to push through the sales that are already halfway through your sales funnel.

2. Maximizing Your Sales Funnel

Like most processes, focusing on the main objective is the best way to maximize your sales conversion.

What is that objective? Concentrating on people who are actively shoppingJennifer Lonoff Schiff explains that this means utilizing tools like email lists, social media, and connections on your website to zero in on those customers.

Your sales funnel should be a good indicator for how well your marketing is performing. However, if your marketing team is doing its job, and you still aren’t closing on customers who are actively shopping, you can identify that as a problem with your sales conversion and not your leads.

Identifying the weakest part of your sales funnel is the best way to improve your sales conversion.

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