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5 Inspiring Manifestos for Your Business

Some manifestos are elaborate works of art, while others are straight to the point. Either way, a manifesto is an important element for all brands. It goes beyond the product and chronological history of the company. A well-crafted manifesto portrays the fundamental essence of a company. Here are five examples to help inspire your own manifesto.


1. New Belgium: Putting Employees First

New Belgium has built a brand around more than just craft beer. It’s about the story surrounding their craft beer. New Belgium shares their history, purpose and core values as a badge of honor. What makes their core values truly unique is how they focus inward, on the employees. “Cultivating potential through learning, high involvement culture, and the pursuit of opportunities” is one of their ten core values.

Some manifestos make the mistake of only writing their values for customers, rather than their number-one cheerleaders: employees. If a company shows they care about the people they employ, that brand gains a whole new level of respect from its customers.

2. Holstee: Transcending a Brand

At Holstee, their manifesto is more than just a landing page. It is the basis of the entire company. From products to events, Holstee's manifesto infiltrates every part of the company’s image. Without the manifesto, there would be no Holstee, or at least a completely different Holstee.

What sets their manifesto apart is how it transcends the company and can resonate with anyone. It does exactly what a manifesto is meant to do – it proclaims how they want to live, professionally and personally.

3. Livestrong: Writing For A Specific Audience

Livestrong does not have an elaborate video or print their manifesto on coasters. Instead, they use the power of simplicity to spread their beliefs. Unlike Holstee's manifesto, Livestrong's is specific to the foundation's mission. As it should be, since Livestrong confronts a distinct issue – fighting cancer. The tone of Livestrong’s brand resonates in its short, powerful declarations:

“Unity is strength. Knowledge is power. Attitude is everything.”

Livestrong’s manifesto is written for those needing a rallying cry. They don’t waste time with any fluffy language. Their manifesto clearly identifies who their brand is talking to and what tone they present to that audience.

4. Google: Humanizing a Company

Google documents their philosophy into “Ten Things We Know To Be True.” Keep in mind that Google has a huge audience, so the ability to list only ten beliefs is a feat in itself. Google’s manifesto weaves together its founding principles and explains how they have driven the company to where they are today and where they are looking to go in the future.

Google does an amazing job of being humble while still demonstrating its almighty power in tech. A manifesto is a chance for a company to portray a human image to an otherwise masked brand. When people think of Google, they think of a search bar. Their manifesto paints a wider picture of the brand and the philosophy that drives them forward.

5. 9 Clouds: Clarifying Your Brand

Okay, so we aren’t Google, fundamentally shaping the internet, or New Belgium, making awesome craft beers. But we are proud of our new company manifesto at 9 Clouds. We created it for clarity – internally and externally.

Our growing staff needs clarity to act as a team and come to work with a common goal. Being a digital marketing agency in South Dakota requires clarity for our community as well. Our manifesto spells out clearly what 9 Clouds believes in five key statements. It’s simple and to the point.

Creating a manifesto is not easy, and it becomes inherently harder once you start the process. What we learned is that every employee had a slightly different perspective on the company’s current values and future goals. Was the result 100% accepted by each and every employee? Nope. A manifesto does not reflect one person. It reflects a compromise of beliefs and goals to chart an entire company’s future. The result is something everyone can stand behind in unity.

We hope these manifestos inspire you to take the initiative and create your own manifesto.

View the 9 Clouds Manifesto

Photo Courtesy of Holstee