Kaitlynn Wornson

Creative Content Strategist


  • Content Creation
  • Content Strategy
  • Social Media
  • Adobe Suite

Hometown: Sioux Falls, SD
Alma Mater: The University of Sioux Falls
Favorite Car: BMW 4 Series Coupe

Personal Site: kaitlynnwornson.com

Getting the right message in front of the right people is at the core of Kaitlynn’s love for inbound marketing. She cut her professional teeth in the news world, followed by such gigs as: a script writer in a magic shop, an arts-focused blogger, and most recently, freelancing as a content creator.

A stubborn desire to add value for both consumer and client means Kaitlynn especially enjoys social media, blog, and email content creation. Outside of writing for the online world, you may find her executing random trips to Ikea or Home Goods and taking her dog, Louie, on walks just long enough to catch up on her favorite podcasts.

Kaitlynn is Google Adwords certifiedKaitlynn is Google Analytics certifiedKaitlynn is HubSpot Inbound certified
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