Text Message Marketing for Auto Dealers

Connect with contacts instantly by reaching them via their most accessible device: their cell phone.

text message marketing for auto dealers

Why Is Text Message Marketing Effective?

9 clouds text message marketingThink about how many times you check your cell phone every day. If you’re like the average person, you spend about seven hours a day consuming media, and you spend 1.8 of those hours on mobile devices.

With 9 Clouds’ text message marketing for auto dealers, you have the opportunity to reach your audiences instantly. Did you know that more than 95% of text messages are opened and read within minutes?

At 9 Clouds, we offer carefully crafted campaigns designed to attract customers via the digital interface most accessible to them: their mobile phone.

How 9 Clouds Uses Text Message Marketing

9 Clouds uses a software program called Tatango that allows us to create and schedule text messages right from our computers.

But our text message marketing isn’t one-size-fits-all. Instead, we tailor our strategies to specific clients. Whether we are promoting a burger special or a discounted oil change, each message is tactfully produced to provide the right message at the right time.

9 clouds text messaging

Our messages must fit within 137 characters, so each text is short and to the point. We’ve mastered the ability to cram all the information you need to convey into a tiny amount of space.

To receive your texts, contacts must subscribe to your campaign by texting a code to your dealership’s SMS number. From there, they always have the opportunity to opt out by replying with “STOP.”

Our Successes

We maintain regular contact with text subscribers without bothering them too often, which is why we’ve been able to steadily build subscriber lists for our clients without many unsubscribes. We steadily built the subscriber list for the client below since beginning the campaign in July.

9 clouds text messaging

The key to our text message marketing success is finding a happy medium between not sending enough texts and sending too many. People are under a constant electronic barrage of emails, text messages, and phone calls, so it’s important not to overwhelm them.

Another of our clients’ campaigns is up to 1,325 subscribers and counting. This client, which is in the food service industry, sees major success getting customers in the door via our texting campaign. For example, a subscriber who shows the text in the store can receive a free ice cream float with the purchase of a hamburger, per a recent text message.

9 Clouds text messaging

We’ve found that keeping our messages relevant to the user and non-spammy keeps them interested — and keeps them from unsubscribing.

Learn More About Text Message Marketing

Want to see more examples of how companies have successfully leveraged text message marketing into sales? The work of these companies inspired us — and we think it will inspire you, too.

Red Box

Many companies have run successful promotions through Tatango. Redbox, whose kiosks offer customers movie and video game rentals, ran a “10 Days of Deals” promotion in which customers texted “DEALS” to 727272 for ten consecutive days to save on their next rental. More than 400,000 customers participated.

Text Messaging for Auto

Ford Motor Company

In an effort to increase qualified leads on new Taurus and Escape models, Ford supplemented print advertising with a mobile call-to-action that read, “For more information, text FORD to 63611.” When consumers texted the number, they were asked to respond with the car they were most interested in, their zip code, and their full name.

The information was sent to the Ford dealership nearest to the consumer for a salesperson follow-up. The text message marketing campaign generated an astonishing 15.4% conversion rate.

Text Messaging for Auto

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