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Lead Tracking with 9 Clouds

The sales cycle isn’t a sprint. It’s a marathon.

Leads can spend more than a year in the sales funnel, which means your dealership needs to track and nurture each potential buyer.

Our team at 9 Clouds delivers a lead tracking system designed to make the sales and marketing processes more efficient and more cohesive. We use digital tools to identify who is ready to buy and who needs more information, marketing to those still processing through the sales funnel and sending those leads ready to buy straight to your sales team.

Sales + Marketing = Smarketing

9 Clouds Lead Tracking for Auto DealersWe’re not going to sugarcoat anything here.

The average buyer visits fewer than two dealerships while shopping for a new vehicle these days. If we’re being realistic, they probably visit one. That’s compared to five back in the early 2000s.

For your sales team, this is bad news. Fewer customers in the door mean fewer opportunities to have a face-to-face conversation and really sell in the traditional sense.

That’s why it’s vital that your sales and marketing teams work together.

An Internet lead starts well before a form submission on your website. And so do our services.

At 9 Clouds, we don’t just offer digital marketing resources. We create a partnership, bringing together your sales and marketing teams with ours.

“Smarketing” might sound a little ridiculous at first, but there’s an unbelievable amount of value in the meaning.

Smarketing: sales and marketing.

Instead of butting heads, those two departments need to join forces and embrace digital marketing. It’s in the best interest of your dealership, your employees, and — most importantly — your customers.

A Comprehensive Picture

9 Clouds Lead Tracking for Auto DealersBefore an Internet lead arrives at your form submission page, they’ve likely interacted with your brand. Maybe even multiple times.

Our goal with lead tracking for auto dealers is to provide a comprehensive picture of each contact’s interactions — including things like website visits, page views, social mentions, email opens, and email clicks.

We can even create custom properties to store any kind of data that’s relevant to your dealership. It’s a fully customizable system that’s flexible to your team’s needs.

This chronological list empowers the sales team to make educated decisions about the contact’s place in the sales funnel well before they hit the sales floor.

Lead tracking for auto dealers is about value. If your dealership is waiting for a form submission to qualify a contact as a lead, your sales team is missing out.

Keep Your Data Fresh

9 Clouds Lead Tracking for Auto DealersTracking leads — and prospects — helps us understand which contacts in your CRM are most valuable.

We’re working to get the right information in front of the right people at the right time. It takes a lot of timing and organization, but it won’t work at all if your data isn’t up to date.

About a quarter of your marketing database decays each year. Think about that. You could be wasting your time with thousands of people who just aren’t going to respond to your efforts.

One of the first things 9 Clouds will take care of for you is your database, trimming the lists and keeping them healthy throughout our work on your account. This ensures you’re spending time and money on the right people.

Segmentation to Sell

9 Clouds Lead Tracking for Auto DealersHealthy CRMs help us build powerful segmented audiences. This might not seem that exciting, but it’s what’s at the heart of our lead tracking services.

Segmentation allows us to send emails, personalize website content, generate automated workflows, and score leads for your sales team.

You might be more familiar with the old-school method of email: the blast. The impersonal, borderline-spam email blast sends a blanket sales message to every contact in a dealership’s CRM.

Just bought a new F-150? You’re getting a message about new Focus deals. Only visit the dealership to service your Honda Pilot? Doesn’t matter. The blast will tell you about a truck month special you’re not interested in.

This traditional marketing method certainly gets some results, but it’s not nearly as effective as tracking leads and emailing them a targeted message that actually fits their needs. Think about how irritated leads must be to keep getting these sales messages from you that aren’t even a little bit relevant to their needs. How long do you think it takes before they hit the unsubscribe button?

Because our team knows your data inside and out, we can use it to segment and target leads, sending better messages — not those awful email blasts.

Want to send a message to 2013 Ford Fiesta owners who’ve viewed your “Contact Us” page, visited five VDPs, and opened a previous service email? 9 Clouds can get that specific. The only limitations are your imagination and the availability of your CRM data.

This wealth of information allows us to tailor our lead tracking to your dealership’s needs and change it along with your sales.

Social Media Myths

9 Clouds Lead Tracking for Auto DealersAs we mentioned, our lead tracking for auto dealers doesn’t stop at your website. You can — and should — be tracking and nurturing leads on social media networks.

Since 2012, social media had a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing.

We’ll let that number marinate for a minute there.

Yup, 100% higher. In case you weren’t already convinced inbound marketing was the right choice, that should help make your decision.

Building Goals with Automation

9 Clouds Lead Tracking for Auto DealersThe final step in lead tracking for auto dealers is one we use to maintain personalization while still connecting with each of your leads.

It’s an almost magical tool called marketing automation.

Marketing automation helps us nurture your leads until we’re ready to hand them off to your sales team. We can use automation to personalize the website to each viewer and send messages that change based on their place in the sales funnel.

Lead tracking truly comes full circle with our connector, which sends the sales-ready leads we generate straight into your dealership’s CRM.

How 9 Clouds Uses Lead Tracking

That’s a lot of explanation, but you want to see how it works, right? Actually visualize this lead tracking in action. We won’t hold out any longer.

Here are just a few examples of the lead tracking we do on a daily basis for our clients.

Targeted List for the Connector

This list was created to send data back into the client’s CRM through our connector. Any potential lead who visits at least 3 used VDP pages, doesn’t have a purchase date and fills out a form (that’s what the ‘confirm’ URL is all about) will register on this list. That’s a pretty hot lead according to this specific client and they want this contact to go directly to the sales team. As we’ve mentioned before, this is fully customizable. What works for Client A won’t work for Client B, so we fine-tune these parameters until we find the right connector list to bring in the right number of leads.

Lead Tracking for Auto Dealers

Email Segmentation for Quality Messages

We use segmentation for more than sales leads. It’s also part of the important lead nurturing process.

For one client, you can see how we targeted a message specifically to used customers who we knew would be in the market for another vehicle. By changing dates and using the properties within you own CRM, we can target any group of customers you’re trying to reach.

Lead Tracking for Auto Dealers

Managing Contact Profiles

One of our most powerful tools allows us to track a lead’s activity on your website, from email click or form submission. From that point on, every page view, workflow activity and list membership goes on record, helping us determine the lead’s place in the sales funnel.

Lead Tracking for Auto Dealers

Workflows Bring it All Together

Smart lists, personalization, automation: it all comes together in workflows. These intricate systems are designed to send personalized content to leads at the right moment, which is what lead tracking is all about!

Lead Tracking for Auto Dealers

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