Digital Marketing Strategy Calls for Auto Dealers

Use monthly meetings with 9 Clouds to create a dynamic strategy that synchronizes your traditional and digital marketing.

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What Is a Strategy Session?

At 9 Clouds, we believe marketing decisions should be made with data. They should not be based on what feels good or what everyone else is doing, but instead what works best for your store.

That’s why we provide personal strategy sessions every month with every client.

A strategy session is a monthly, personal call that lasts between 30 and 60 minutes. We use the call to:

  • Review the ROI and analytics from the past month
  • Identify what’s most important for your store this month
  • Learn about any specials, events, or marketing efforts you’re doing
  • Create and update marketing benchmarks (so you know that we’re doing a great job for you)

After the call, you know what we will be doing the rest of the month, and we know what types of emails, landing pages, blog posts, ads, and other digital marketing efforts we will use.

9 Clouds prides ourselves on being an accessible, personal agency that is focused on custom, data-driven marketing.

It’s not just that we think that’s how business should be done (and we do) — it’s what actually works online.

Don’t use the same content, ads, or strategy as every other dealership. Stand out and be an active participant in your marketing with our digital marketing strategy calls for auto dealers.

What Happens in a Strategy Session?

A strategy session is led by our project manager for your dealership. This is your go-to person who learns everything about your business and is always available for you to call or email.

Our project managers are focused on a select handful of clients, so they are truly your partner in your digital marketing efforts.

Analytics: What’s Been Happening

To start the strategy session, the project manager goes through your analytics and ROI. We set benchmarks for what we want to accomplish, and each month we hold ourselves accountable to them.

We also identify your goals for the number of leads, sales, and conversion rates you would like to see. Each strategy session, we ensure we are reaching those goals.

Monthly Plan: What Is Happening

After reviewing what has been working and what can be improved, we use that information to suggest a plan for the coming month.

We learn from you what specials are going on at your store, what events are happening, what sponsorships you are providing, and even what is happening in your community.

Marketing works best when it is personal and local. That’s why we get to know your store and your community. We don’t want to help you sell a customer once. We want to help you build a lifelong relationship with your customers.

With all of this information, we walk through what we will provide throughout the month and what we need from you in order to make that possible.

Benchmarks: What Will Happen

In addition to planning the current month, we review the long-term marketing and sales benchmarks for your store.

We want to continually look forward to marketing trends and your long-term goals. Priorities like search engine optimization (SEO), improved conversion rates, and reputation management take time. That’s why 9 Clouds take a long-term approach to your marketing and reviews that blueprint each month.

What if I Have a Large Group?

Many of our clients are not a single store, but a group of stores. Our marketing packages work perfectly for groups because we can share data across stores, help them learn from one another, and coordinate marketing efforts for a greater reach and higher conversion rate.

If you have a group, our monthly strategy session is a chance to compare benchmarks among stores and integrate marketing efforts.

For our strategy calls, we often have the group owner or manager on the phone and then invite each store manager to join for 15 to 20 minutes each. We then go through the group strategy in addition to the individual store strategy to make sure they are all aligned and complementary.

This coordination makes everyone’s jobs easier and helps us use what works at one store across the entire group.

What if I Don't Have Time to Meet Every Month?

It’s okay. People get busy.

However, we find that one hour a month is the minimum engagement needed from our clients for success.

9 Clouds creates an analytics spreadsheet every month. If a phone call is not possible, we ask that you review the analytics and our specific questions and then respond via email.

This continual check-in helps improve results and make sure all our marketing efforts are coordinated.

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