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Building Solutions Case Study

The Challenge

In 2015, the Building Solutions team at Oldcastle (now CRH) was looking to grow their thought leadership and content marketing efforts with the construction industry. The company is a leading building materials supplier and created the Building Solutions team to make it easier for its North American customers to navigate its many companies and products, along with providing educational information about the construction industry

A member of the Building Solutions team attended the INBOUND conference hosted by HubSpot that year, looking to learn more about inbound marketing and how it might be incorporated into their team’s marketing strategy. In line for the Seth Godin keynote, that team member met our CEO, Sarah Carnes, and they got to talking.

A few months later, Building Solutions hired 9 Clouds not only to drive qualified traffic to its newly launched website but also to generate leads from the website using inbound marketing.

The Solution

The first step in our partnership was identifying which content was driving the most traffic to the website, so we could focus our efforts on what was already working well for Building Solutions.

Then, with a list of target keywords based on organic search traffic, 9 Clouds helped Building Solutions improve its search engine optimization (SEO) by providing direction on what content to further develop. This included creating means to distribute content through email and blog subscriptions as well as creating landing pages with appropriate calls to action (CTAs).

Next, 9 Clouds assisted Building Solutions with lead generation and lead qualification using a variety of digital marketing tactics:

With this full-service package from 9 Clouds, Building Solutions was ready to hit the ground running toward a comprehensive and cohesive marketing strategy.

The Results

The data is staggering. We’re thrilled to see how Building Solutions’ traffic and conversions have increased since the company began working with 9 Clouds!

Increased Traffic

Getting traffic to Building Solutions’ new website was our first objective, and the work has paid off.

  • Total website traffic: Increased 3,414% (from 445 visits in April 2015 to 15,639 visits in October 2018)
  • Organic search traffic: Increased 23,895% (from 40 organic visits in April 2015 to 9,598 organic visits in October 2018)
  • Referrals: Increased 18,436% (from 14 referrals in April 2015 to 2,595 referrals in October 2018)
  • Organic search leads: Increased from four organic search leads in June 2015 to 266 organic search leads in October 2018
  • Blog views: Increased 5,815% (from 160 blog views in July 2015 to 9,464 blog views in October 2018)

Building Solutions - Traffic

Increased Conversion

Our next objective was to create opportunities for prospective leads to convert into subscribers and customers. Over time, 9 Clouds worked with Building Solutions to create educational, inbound content that would nurture prospective leads down the sales funnel. 

  • Total form submissions: Increased from 12 total form submissions in one month (June 2015) to 461 total form submissions in one month (October 2018)
  • Contact form submissions: Increased from three form submissions in one month (December 2016) to 45 form submissions in one month (October 2018)
  • New prospects: Increased 598% (from 44 new prospects in April 2015 to 307 new prospects in October 2018)
  • Blog subscribers: Increased from 677 subscribers in March 2017 to 1,530 subscribers in October 2018

Building Solutions Conversions

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