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So, You’ve Got the Automotive Marketing Data — Now What?

SAM 2016

This post is the last in a series of articles exploring our 2016 State of Automotive Marketing report. To bring yourself up to speed, read the firstsecondthird, and fourth posts before jumping into this one.

Rather read the entire report in one sitting? No problem. Click the link below to download the full auto marketing survey.


The 2016 State of Automotive Marketing Report was full of valuable findings that have the potential to help your dealership grow and profit in 2016.

So . . . you have access to this gold mine of automotive marketing data. But what exactly should you do with it?

Here are four ways to use the information you learned from our survey.

1. Increase Your Efficiency

As the 2016 State of Automotive Marketing found, automotive dealers want more sales from the same budget.

There is a universal demand for more leads, but most dealers are keeping their marketing budgets the same as last year. Increased efficiency is needed to sustain the rapid growth auto dealers are experiencing.

Marketing automation is one tool that could help dealers like you increase your efficiency and return on investment (ROI). Measuring your marketing and sales efforts with analytics will also improve your ROI.

2. Use a Personalized Approach to Marketing

Marketing strategies vary from dealer to dealer, but many stores (especially large ones) continue to rely on traditional media.

Even though traditional media marketing is considered overrated by many, it still correlates with increasing ROI, especially for larger stores. Smaller stores are taking advantage of inbound marketing to compete in a cost-effective and targeted way.

The state of automotive marketing is strong. Regardless of the technique used, most dealers are growing and seeing improved ROI. As the market becomes more competitive, you will want to actively utilize and measure marketing automation to preserve this growth.

3. Study Up

The automotive industry and its marketing techniques are constantly changing.

To identify those trends, 9 Clouds collects survey responses for our annual State of Automotive Marketing. You can download the latest State of Automotive Marketing and contribute to next year’s survey at 9clouds.com/sam.

Looking for more digital marketing data to help your dealership? Visit 9clouds.com/resources to view free resources from 9 Clouds.

4. Take the Next Step

For auto dealers looking for a personal, integrated approach to digital marketing, 9 Clouds can help.

We attract visitors to your website and store using inbound marketing. We then track those visitors' interests based on what they view online and market to them in a personalized way using marketing automation.

To learn more, start with our free digital audit. We will analyze your current digital efforts and share recommendations on how to improve. Request your free audit at 9clouds.com/ima.

On August 16, you can also attend our automotive marketing webinar, which will distill our findings from the survey into five key trends — and show you how to use them to grow your dealership.



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