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Why Your Dealership Isn’t Showing Up on Google

We get this question from our auto dealer clients frequently: I just searched for [insert keyword] on Google. Why is my dealership not showing up?

Our response: You're probably not using the correct keywords.

If you've ever wondered why your dealership isn't a top result for a given keyword on Google, let us ease your concern. You may not be doing anything wrong. More likely, you're just searching the wrong words. Once you refocus your SEO strategy to nail the keywords your customers are actually searching, you'll succeed more on search engines.

Here are the two main reasons your dealership isn't showing up on Google (and what you can do to change that):

Your Keyword Is Too Broad

More often than not, if you're not getting found on Google, it's because you're aiming too high.

Face it: no matter what you do, you're not going to show up for “used Chevy Silverados” or “cars for sale in California.” While those searches are very popular, there's already so much content for those terms that even the biggest dealerships have trouble ranking for them.

Plus, the people looking for those keywords aren't the customers you're looking for, anyway. If they're searching something generic, they're probably not very serious about buying a car, let alone buying one from you. Or even if they are serious, they may not live near your area, so they wouldn't notice you, anyway.

Don't waste your time with keywords that are hopelessly broad. Instead, focus on keywords that are specific to your dealership's location, brands, and services. “Oil change Medford OR” is much more attainable than “Oregon car service.”

Your Keyword Is Too Specific

We know, we know–we just told you to narrow your search to something specific. Well, now we're telling you to broaden it.

If you're typing “new 2015 Nissan Altima 2.5 S for sale in Duluth, Minnesota” into a search engine, good luck. Chances are, your website doesn't contain enough content to rank for such a precise term.

And such keywords aren't worth your effort, anyway. Very few people are searching for such a particular vehicle–they tend to save that for your website's inventory search feature once they've settled on your dealership. And they're not using perfect grammar or spelling everything out, especially state names; when in doubt, always go for the abbreviation.

If people aren't searching a certain keyword, there's no point in focusing on it. Save your SEO efforts for keywords that already have high search volumes.

Still Not Showing Up on Google?

If you've refined your keyword focus and still aren't showing up in Google, maybe it's time to ask for help.

At 9 Clouds, we're big fans of the positive results digital marketing and SEO can create for an auto dealership. Heck, we've helped make these results happen.

Let us help it happen for you too. We offer a variety of digital marketing packages that can increase your visibility on Google. Depending on your dealership's needs, we can create content based on your target keywords, make ads that drive traffic to your site, and analyze online data to help you continually improve your SEO.

To see real-life examples of how we've helped auto dealers improve their presence online, check out our case studies. And when you're ready to talk SEO with us, just holler.

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