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Why RV Dealers Should Use Content Marketing

Fashion, music, literature: Our culture is constantly changing. Stirrup pants and Devo are now things of the past, and so is outbound marketing.

Your RV dealership likely needs a fresh marketing strategy, and that’s why you should be using content marketing — or inbound marketing — to reach new leads.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is more than the name implies.

It’s a practice of creating free, useful content about things a current or future RV owner wants to know. You’re doing this to set your dealership up as an industry expert in all things RV — from camping recipes to parts and service.

Offering all of that useful content for free is hard to swallow at first if you’re coming from a traditional marketing perspective, but it’s through this free content that your audience gains trust in your company.

Ideally, you’d get started with top-of-the-funnel content and slowly work your way to the bottom. We use HubSpot’s inbound methodology to define the stages of a sale, and as you can see, you’ll use different types of content to attract people as they move through the funnel.


You can attract strangers with blog posts like ‘5 Must Try Camping Recipes’ or ‘The Most Scenic Stops in [Your State].’ It’s strange at first, but you’re not trying to push your product at all in these posts — it’s simply about educating people.

As those visitors respond to your Calls-to-Action and fill out forms, you can start to send them more detailed marketing content — like emails and eBook offers specifically tailored to their interests.

Content marketing helps you catch the attention of strangers and eventually turn them into promoters for your dealership, because each lead becomes a loyal and educated fan.

Be An Industry Leader

We believe content marketing is the best way for auto and RV dealerships to build a solid reputation with potential customers, but it’s underutilized by businesses across the board.

Only 30% of marketers have adopted a consistent content strategy, which means it’s a great chance for you to set yourself apart from the competition.

If you simply think about content marketing from a customer perspective, it’s easy to see why it works. That data backs it up, with leads from inbound marketing showing a 13% higher close rate than those from outbound marketing.

So how can you put a content marketing strategy in place for your RV dealership? It’s easier than you may think.

Put it to Work

All it takes is a little additional research to expand your existing marketing campaign into a content marketing strategy. Here are a few tips to get started:

  1. Identify your target audience. We like to set up Buyer Personas. These are semi-fictional characters that represent your target audience. We give them names, back stories and pain points because that helps us write the best content for their needs. And remember, you can have more than one Buyer Persona for your RV dealership.
  2. Write remarkable content. Once we have those Buyer Personas determined, we write content that provides a solution to their problems. You should be creating content with your customers’ needs in mind. Inbound or content marketing aims to add value to a customer’s life — not just push a product.
  3. Move them through the funnel. You can use the targeted content you write to move someone through the sales process. Set up Calls-to-Action to get more information about their needs, so you can answer them.
  4. Close the sale. All of the work identifying and educating your leads should eventually lead to the sales process. The beauty of inbound marketing, though, is that a customer feels like they’re taking a natural step on the path you’ve created for them. The sale isn’t a product of pressure, but rather education.
  5. Evaluate your efforts. We don’t stop our work after the sale, and neither should you. This is where we analyze our efforts and adjust to make it more effective.

Inbound marketing is something you can put to work for your RV dealership, but we understand it’s not easy to make the change. Check out our free resources to learn how to tweak your dealership's marketing plans.

We’re using content marketing strategies every day, for ourselves and our clients. If you need help creating useful content and distributing it to the right people, we can help you.

Ask us for a free smart marketing evaluation and see how we can help your dealership attract and convert more qualified leads.